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6 incredible places to study in Ann Arbor

Studying for the MCAT or GMAT can become an undesired and challenging task where people tend to feel lonely. But there are ways to make it an enjoyable experience.
First, find someone to endure the studying with! It could be a study group for the GMAT or a MCAT study buddy on StudyPal.co. Get out of the house, meet new people, try a new coffee shop, and feel better prepared for the tests!
The Coffee Shops are always a great place to study. Ann Arbor has many options when it comes to coffee. Espresso Royale has two floors with quiet places;

GMAT study partner

Coffee shops to study with your partner

a perfect place to study for these tests with your new buddies or groups. There are $2 lattes on Wednesdays! How can you beat that? It is also conveniently located adjacent to the best bookstore in town. There is one on South University, but you can also go to the State Street location if you are on that side of town. There is great and quick service in both places. Then there is the classic, Starbucks, which has even more space than Espresso Royale. A few hours of practice questions won’t seem as bad if it is followed with people watching as students stumble in the snow outside. You will see many people you know, no doubt. Starbucks is a social scene if you want it to be or a quiet study place to get down to work.
MCAT test prep startegy

Free wifi, excellent option for a study session

The School of Social Work on South University offers many different studying set-ups. There are tables with dividers or cubbies where you feel detached from the world. It gives students the opportunity to study by themselves and then spread out and study with buddies. It is centrally located so all of your friends will want to join you. There are also many great food options nearby (Revive, South U Pizza, Mia Za’s, Pizza House, Amer’s, etc.) if you get hungry and need a study break. Beanster’s Café is another great option not far from the Diag and close to the MLB, great place to study with a buddy for the GMAT between or after classes amidst the busy campus. There is a large cross section of students (both undergraduate and graduate) and professors who enjoy spending their mornings getting a cup of coffee or their afternoons grabbing a sandwich for lunch.
Then, there are the libraries.
study group

study room

The Undergraduate Library also known as the UGLI. It may not be the most attractive building or name, but you will have a successful study session if you spend a few hours there. For every floor you ascend, the quiet level increases. You don’t want to be the guy who is yelling to his friend on the fourth floor. You may get some death stares! But there are great areas on the first and second floor where you can work with your study buddy for the MCAT or GMAT. With its many reading rooms, open tables, and coffee shop, the UGLI is the place to go to be around determined people. Hatcher Graduate Library is overflowing with people who want to be successful. People line up on Sunday mornings to get a spot in the silent ref room where a pin drop could be heard. There is a bridge that connects it to the UGLI so you can study on your own before moving to the UGLI to meet with your study buddy. The bridge allows you to escape the cold wind outside.
Discover the perfect study spot on and around campus. Make a new friend with your ideal study buddy on StudyPal.co, and the GMAT prep will go painlessly. Let StudyPal.co keep you focused on your goals and help you reach success.
Don’t study too hard. Learn from and with others.
Good Luck!

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