PE Exam Preparation & Best Practices to Score High

What is the PE Exam?

The PE (Principles and Practice of Engineering) exam is essentially a licensing exam for the engineers who have completed four years of work experience post their engineering degree. It is conducted for 16 engineering disciplines, with further sub divisions and specializations within the same.

Who conducts the PE Exam?

The PE exam is created and regulated by the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying). The licensing boards might differ from state to state.

When is the PE exam conducted?

The PE licensing examination is held twice a year—one in April and again the month of October. Depending on the stream or specialization, the examination is either held once in either of the months or in both months. The more popular disciplines like chemical, civil etc all have two exams in a year.

What is the exam pattern of PE?

The PE is an eight hour long examination, consisting of two 4 hour sessions held in the same day. There are 40 questions in each session, specific to the discipline of your specialization. There is one lunch break allowed. The exam is an open book format and the test takers are allowed to bring in reference materials, spiral bound. Sticky notes attached to the books are also allowed.

How is the PE exam scored?

The exams are a pass/ fail mode examination and test takers receive a score from their respective registration boards within 8to 10 weeks of the test. For the ones who don’t pass, a diagnostic report is sent assessing the areas of strengths and weaknesses.

How do I prepare for the PE exam?

The PE exam taker has to have four years of working experience and hence it is safe to assume that mostly the average PE test taker has lost touch with regular prep. Due to the exhaustive syllabus, one must be geared to take stock of the entire course of study and the applications of the same so that even the open book exam doesn’t end up becoming a challenge. Find a study partner near you taking the exam in your specialization, make notes, share the reference materials and meticulously mark and index all the content you have for the best results,. Check out top find someone taking the PE test near you today!

What is the passing score for PE exam?

The pass scores differ from specialization to specialization. Remember that one can always check the last year’s passing scores and use them as a reference point for the exam. Also, a test taker needs to pas the Fundamental Exam (FE) before taking the PE licensing examination.


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