TABLEAU Certification for Professionals

Q1. What is the tableau certification?

Tableau simplifies complex data into interactive and simple visual format for easier understanding and is in fact, a data visualization tool pivotal to the business intelligence industry. Since it is used for facilitating decision making in the top level management of any organization, tableau certifications are crucial for many organizations. There are two types of certifications in tableau—tableau desktop and Tableau server with two levels in both of them.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for tableau certification?

Officially, it is recommended that before taking the test, an aspirant must acquire at least 5+ months of Tableau experience before appearing for the Qualified Associated level exam while for the Certified Professional level, a practice of no less than 11 months is recommended.

Q3. What score do I need to pass tableau certification? 

75% score in the exam is required to pass the certification test. There are a total of 36 questions, both from theory and practical part.

Q4. What is the career options post tableau certification?

There are various opportunities after Tableau Certification, which include job roles as Tableau Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Manager, Business Intelligence Developer and Business Intelligence Analyst. One can also choose to become a Tableau Developer instead

Q5. How does the tableau certification work?

First, get your questions about the program answered and decide which exams are right for you.

Second, in addition to real-life experience, prepare for exams with in-person, virtual or eLearning courses.

Thrid, register for the exam.

Fourth, set up the computer.

Fifth, take the exam.

Sixth, get your result and then certificate.

Q6. How Should I prepare for the tableau certification ?

The first step is to finish the registration properly.

Next is to start with the preparation by giving at least 2-3 hours practice daily. The more one practices, the better it is.

One needs to complete the entire syllabus, don't leave anything. The best idea will be to get a study partner on board with you so that you get to not only compare your learning graphs, but also go ahead and share tips and tricks along the way.

Take expert tips, advice, seek help from people who have already given the test.

After completing the preparation, check your preparedness and skill level by taking mock tests or preparation tests. Check your progress, your weakness and work on it.

Once you feel you are ready to go, select a date and give the exam.

Q7. What Should I expect on my tableau certification test day?

One must expect a 36 question exam related to the specified syllabus with both theoretical as well as practical questions. By the rule of thumb, the practical questions tend to have more weightage.

Q8. How many exams are there in tableau certification?

Broadly, there are two types of certification with different levels in each. One is Tableau Desktop Exam and Tableau Server Exam. For the first type, there are three categories or levels which are specialist, certified associate and certified professional. For the second type, that is the Tableau Server exam, there are two levels namely certified professional and certified associate.

Q9. How is my tableau certification score calculated?

There is 1 mark for a theory question you get correct and 3 marks for each practical problem solved,. In totality, one needs to score at least 75% to receive a tableau certification.

Q10. How many times can I take tableau certification exam?

There are two attempts allowed for each level and if a candidate fails both, they will have to wait for the next update of the application to be released to reappear.

Q11. How long will my tableau certification score remain valid?

Except for the certificate of specialization in Tableau Desktop, all other certifications get expired in 2 years after receiving the certificate.

Q12. How long do you have to wait between tableau certification exams?

If you fail for the 1st time, you can have a retake. If you fail for the 2nd time then you have to wait for 4 months before giving the 3rd attempt.

All exams taken will require full payment of fees 

Q13. What are the score ranges for the tableau certification  exam?

Out of the number of people attempting the exam, there is a good percentage of people clearing it and others failing out of which only few cannot clear the exam on further attempts.

Q14. Can I cancel my score? How to do it?

One can cancel it by logging into your account and searching for an option called as Reschedule/Cancel and then following the steps stated in it.

Q15. How much does it cost to take the tableau certification ?

For Tableau Desktop specialist the fees are $100

For Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate the fees are $250

For Tableau Desktop Certified Professional the fees are $600

For Tableau Server Qualified Associate the fees are $250

For Tableau Server Certified Associate the fees are $800



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