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Understanding NCLEX EKG Rhythms

Are you preparing for your NCLEX exam? Do you struggle with understanding 12 Lead EKG rhythms? I know when I was first learning them in nursing school I thought I was WAY in over my head with trying to comprehend them. However one thing I have learned is that they are not really that challenging once you know how to study for them.


6 Factors That Determines If You Will Pass The NCLEX

This post will focus on the various factors which can prevent students from achieving success on the NCLEX exam. When students are preparing for the NCLEX exam, focus is largely placed on one factor in order to achieve success. This is shown by solely studying content or preparing to answer questions. After failing one or more times, students begin to consider other factors that may play a role in their ability to pass the NCLEX.


3 Tips To Help You Pass The NCLEX Exam

Are you studying for the NCLEX exam and are unsure where to begin? Whether this is your first, second, or even third time taking the test, here are three important tips to achieve success.


6 Organs You Must Know For The NCLEX Exam

For the NCLEX exam, it is important that you not only just know the different organs in the body but you really understand how it relates to the role of the nurse. This is the main general point to mastering the body systems on the exam. In this article, I will discuss six major organs you must know for the NCLEX exam.


Pharmacology Suffixes: Antibiotics

Learning the pharmacology is by far one of the areas that many nurse graduates have the most about of trouble with. In the table below, I describe the pharmacology suffixes for antibiotics.


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