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Highest Paying IT Certificates in the Market Today

CERTIFICATIONS are very important for a technology professional’s career. Employers often place a great emphasis on them when hiring, as they  want a candidate with current knowledge and a great deal of experience with a certain technology or area . And in an industry that changes as quickly as technology , certifications are a great way for professionals to show that they are eager to advance their skills and learn new systems , software , and management practices. So the studypal brings you the list of highly paid certification in the market now:- 1.   AWS CERTIFIED ARCHITECT ASSOCIATE It demonstrate knowledge of how to design , manage and distribute applications […]

How to strike the balance between work and CFA exam preparation?

Education is the key of success and there is no end to learning. This is especially evident nowadays when everyone is trying to enhance their higher education attainment in order to make progress career-wise. it is also unfortunate that many employers nowdays look for employees who have completed at least a professional course alongside academic, which has left many working individual with no choice but to go back to class. However, many people find it a bit tricky to balance study and work, due to a number of individual factors. Therefore StudyPal brings the following guide to strike the right balance between work and your CFA study schedule 1.   HAVE […]

How to study for Tableau Certification?

TABLEAU is an industry leading BI tool that focuses on data visualization, dashboarding and data discovery. Tableau provides various products like Tableau desktop,Tableau Server, Tableau Online etc. each serving various purposes to ‘make your data make an impact’. Tableau offers 4 different types of certification exams. Here studypal brings ways to study for tableau certification 1.   GO THROUGH THE EXAM PREPARATION GUIDE There is an abundance of resources available online use them fully. Stick to the preparation guide. Go through the exam pattern thoroughly. Make sure all the topics covered. While most of the topics are covered in free training videos rest can always be find online, Tableau Help is […]

How to crack CFP?

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation is now considered as a symbol of excellence and competence by financial professionals and firm across the globe. The CFP course curriculum is regarded as highly comprehensive and the certification, tough nut to crack. Achieving CFP certification not only increase a candidate’s professional know how , but the prestige associated with the certification gives the required boost to his own business and career. Although the CFP examination is tough, good study material and willingness to work hard can get you though. The aspirant must commit to the examination to successfully crack it . StudyPal presents tips to crack the CFP:- 1. REGULAR PREPARATION It […]