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Barron’s LSAT AND MCAT Author Jay Cutts- June TIPS

Your Expert Guide to Self-Preparation For LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and PCAT By Jay Cutts Lead Author, Barron’s LSAT and MCAT Prep Materials Happy June and Summer! REMEMBER: The 3 Keys to Self-Prep Success: A well-planned study schedule High quality prep materials Peer support If you’re still not doing well enough, look for a qualified tutor. THIS MONTH: Let’s take a quick look at where things stand for you. MCAT/PCAT: You should be devoting as much time as possible to your prep now and for the rest of the summer. Leave your summer schedule as free as possible. This summer is not the time for travel, internships, or volunteering. Ideally […]

Acing the NCLEX- Getting through the final door

    If nursing school didn’t already strain you enough, wait for the license exam to push you off the edge. NCLEX is a tricky test in itself and every nurse has to clear it before they could finally start practicing. So, what does it take to whizz pass those dreaded questions that hold the key to the final test of your career? How exactly should you prepare for NCLEX exams? Experts from share their tips: NEVER CRAM With two years at the nursing school, a student is supposed to know everything she should know. Attempting to recall and learn every detail you have learnt in nursing school is […]