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Quick tips to grace PMP

Bar Exam- 5 Tips to score better

Bar Exams are tedious for sure. Long prep hours to endless exam stretching out for days, studying for Bar Exams is a job for the strong hearted. Most of you students taking the Bar exams are over stressed for sure, and to bail you out; brings to you 5 tips to pass your Bar Exam easily: 1. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses By the rule of thumb, do what you are good at! Basically this means studying for the Bar exam isn’t about targeting the weak spots but instead it is about working on your strengths. Figure out what you are good at and work hard on it […]

Studypal brings you an exclusive list of 5 best study spots in Delhi

Life is a never ending race in the city of hearts; and finding yourself a place in solidarity in Delhi is a huge challenge in itself. So when your roommate is getting too loud over the phone; and you don’t want to be the prodigal rude room partner by pointing that out, you can still prepare for those tests just round the corner and escape all the drama by finding the perfect study spot. We know it can be a lot difficult to figure one out by yourself, so we did the scouting for you and prepared a list of Five Study Spots in Delhi we swear by: 1. American […]