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Bar Exam- 5 Tips to score better

Bar Exams are tedious for sure. Long prep hours to endless exam stretching out for days, studying for Bar Exams is a job for the strong hearted. Most of you students taking the Bar exams are over stressed for sure, and to bail you out; Studypal.co brings to you 5 tips to pass your Bar Exam easily:


1. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses

By the rule of thumb, do what you are good at! Basically this means studying for the Bar exam isn’t about targeting the weak spots but instead it is about working on your strengths. Figure out what you are good at and work hard on it to make it a force to reckon with.

    2. Practice the sample essays

Remember the essay writing part isn’t marked solely on the correct rule of law mentioned, but also on your writing and analysis skills. Writing essays is an art excelled with endless practice; and it is advisable to so at least four essays a week to maximize your score. Explain facts, exhibit your understanding through the writing and expand every point to pen down that perfect essay.

3. Revise and Repeat

Two weeks before the exam, stop moving to new rules for studying. Instead, you’re your time to repeat everything you’ve learnt till date. Human memory has its own queer mechanism for working and recalling everything will be a hell lot easier if you have already repeated everything in bulk at least once.

          4. Make a proper balanced practice

Since the exam tests more than one subject each day, make sure to practice two or more subjects together during your prep. This will help you maintain balance. Stick to your notes and study material and make sure you can recall everything to the dot without giving it a second thought.

5. Relax

Get to the gym or the spa before the exam or treat yourself to your favorite restaurant! Give yourself the attention you deserve and don’t discuss answers with the fellow examinees because most likely they’ll have you worrying about that one rule you missed for another part of the test. It is better to be anti-social than getting confused with all the heated discussion going on around you.

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