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Acing the NCLEX- Getting through the final door



If nursing school didn’t already strain you enough, wait for the license exam to push you off the edge. NCLEX is a tricky test in itself and every nurse has to clear it before they could finally start practicing. So, what does it take to whizz pass those dreaded questions that hold the key to the final test of your career? How exactly should you prepare for NCLEX exams?woman-158199_1280

Experts from Studypal.co share their tips:


With two years at the nursing school, a student is supposed to know everything she should know. Attempting to recall and learn every detail you have learnt in nursing school is actually stupid. So, while revision is alright, cramming up everything you ever learnt will do you no good.



  1. Remember that some questions can be ambiguous

NCLEX has some of those ambiguous questions where there is no wrong answer. These generally come in form of “What should you do first” and you have to identify the correct sequence of the procedures to follow. These are extremely tricky and the candidate should keep their head cool while solving these problems.


  1. Make use of online resources

It is an age of digitalization and the smartphone in your pocket could be your key to success in the NCLEX exam. While websites like Medmaster and Brilliant nurse prove to be amazing study resources, apps like NCLEX Mastery and NCLEX prep also are great for prep. You can also use apps like Studypal.co to find yourself a study partner to team up and study for NCLEX.



  1. Try and adapt yourself to Computerized Adaptive Testing

NCLEX is a test that has been configured for CAT or Computerized Adaptive Testing; that is, the computer throws questions at you as per your answering capabilities. This is the reason most candidates get on an average of ten to fifteen questions post the mandatory minimum of 75 questions because it helps the computer to determine whether the candidate is worthy of success or not.


  1. Don’t study on the day of the test

The worst thing to do on your NCLEX test day is to overload yourself with facts and figures. Though the exam demands certain recalling on your part, there will be questions that actually test your understanding more. This is why; a student should keep his or her mind calm and avoid studying anything new on the day of the test. A good night’s sleep is extremely essential.


Now that the list is up, what are you waiting for? Grab those huge pharmacological textbooks and get back to work. NCLEX is not a tough nut to crack, given that you have the right kind of support  and of course, motivation to study and excel.

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