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3 tips to Balance Actuary Exam Prep with a full time job

There is no shortcut to success in the exam process for those prepping for Actuary Exams. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and motivation to get through the many hours of independent study that are required to prepare for each exam. While everyone studies differently, the typical candidate studies about 100 hours for every hour of the exam. And with a full time job at hand, it needs a lot of things to fully master the concepts tested on that exam. So today, Studypal.co brings to you a list of 3 tips to Balance Actuary Exam Prep with a full time job; in order to help you juggle the best of both worlds:

Practise Multitasking:- Most of the people taking the CAIA test are normally full time working professionals so it is important that you master the art of multitasking. Try getting two things done together so that you could juggle both your office and the test prep.

Use your time in the commute:

                                                                     Dedicated study hours:                Regular studying is an absolute necessity for cracking the CISA because of the huge amount of recalling you need to do during the test. CISA involves remembering a lot of facts and figures and you can get them correct only with repeated practice. So, it is advisable to allot regular hours to your study to get in practice for the tests.

All of us spend extensive hours commuting and guess what? There is something better than plugging in your earphones and staring blankly at nothing! You can always attempt to flip through the study materials or use some preparatory application on your phone to make best of the commute time to do some learning.

Learn to give social gatherings a miss:

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A wild Saturday night equals to a hung over Sunday morning and you will end up wasting precious hours. Instead, opt for a homely gathering with friends or Netflix and chill alone with your glass of wine to unwind. It’s easier on your body and you can always settle down to study the next morning.

Reduce the time on social media:


So you have a job to mind and a test to prep for. Trust us, you cannot afford to waste those precious hours swiping through Tinder profiles in your area and reading generic articles on what celebrities are up to. Focus on your priorities and use the time you spend online judiciously to learn something productive.

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