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3 ways to balance studying for the FRM and Work life

There is no shortcut to success in the exam process for those preparing for FRM .To earn the market risk manager , regulatory risk manager or related position you will need to take two FRM exams : part1 and part2 which will require  a lot of hard work , dedication and motivation to get through the many hours of independent study that are required to prepare for each exam and with full time job , it needs a lot of things to fully master the concepts tested on FRM exam. So today , Studypal.co brings to you a list of 3 ways to balance FRM preparation with a full time job.

1.   Create a plan

In order to make sure you have time for everything , you need a plan which aims at balance.

PLAN- look at your course and work out when you want to complete each study period .be realistic about when you think you can have work completed.

ORGANISE- Use a wall calendar to work out when you will need to have readings and assignments done .Leave a time buffer in case emergencies arise.

BALANCE- Enter any family and work commitments into calendar . that way you know what is coming up and you can plan your study around it.

STUDYMATERIAL- once you gasp on syllabus , use the GARP provided reading list or you can use GARP digital library.

Once you have your schedule , spend 10 minutes each week to plan your weekly study sessions. Also, look for small slots of time where you would usually not do much , like during the lunch break.


2.   Use Your Free Time Productively

If you are studying and working at the same time , it may seem that you have no free time at all. However , it is important that you use the free time that you do have constructively as this will help you balance your day job and your course work more effectively. For example unless you work from home , you probably have a commute to work . Your commute time is prefect for getting some studying done. Some simple ways to do this are:

  • Put study material on flash cards review them when you come to stoplights nut not while driving.
  • Download audio version of your textbooks and listen to them as you drive
  • Record your lectures using your smartphones and then listen as you drive so to get through the information more quickly.


3.    Take Advantage of Technology

Take advantage of the technology today and use the studypal.co to find the study partner in your location that will help you with every aspects of studying . As it always said two heads are better then one head with  help of study partner you can understand and learn the concepts easily.You can organise weekend revision and problems solving sessions.


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