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5 Tricks to Grace Your FRM Exam


The FRM or Financial Risk Manager exam is a professional certification examination conducted worldwide by the GARP or Global Association of Risk Professionals for risk professionals and is globally recognized.

FRM consists of two paper based tests – FRM Part-1 and FRM Part-2 which need to be cleared in sequence; that is though you can appear for both the parts at one single time; the second paper will be evaluated only if you clear the first one. Held in May and November every year; this highly professional and demanding test requires great precision and practice on the part of the examinee.

StudyPal brings to you 5 tricks to grace your FRM exam; straight from our experts, to help you crack FRM a lot more easily:


The official website of the GARP or Global Association of Risk Professionals hosts two very crucial reference material for your FRM prep; the Study Guide and the AIM statements. The Study Guide; an open resource available to everyone;GARP Website provides a broad overview of the exam syllabus whereas the AIM Statement is available only to ones registered for the FRM exam and lists the learning objectives topic wise. As a serious examinee; going through these details before you settle down to study will help a great deal in chalking out the study plan and get the top scores you have always dreamt of.





For the FRM exam; it is advisable to go the traditional way around. The GARP website enlists some great reading list that is necessary to pass the exam. These books are generally available with every serious practitioner; and it will be clever on your part if you take this list seriously. Buy the books and go through them if you want the easiest way to study that will help you grace the test.

The fact about FRM is; you need dedication to clear the exam. phone-1052028_1920Even if you are good at your work; the certification test is necessarily intensive and demands longer spans of concentration with each paper running into four long hours at a stretch. Practice is the key here and it is advisable to start as early as three to four months before the test to help you build that kind of concentration and mental stamina.


This is the era of technology. From your personal laptop to the smart phone in your pocket; you can utilize them all to increase your productivity. Surf through online study materials, go through the tutorial videos and download the apps that can help you study and help yourself to the plethora of options open for studying better for the upcoming FRM test.


Studying for exams like FRM doesn’t come easy, especially if you are doing it alone all by yourself. It is always a better option to find a study partner or two and form a study group which can meet up at least once a week to discuss the problems and the progress. The healthy competition will not only push you to attain excellence but also help fuel your spirits when then tend to run low.


Now, that the list is up, what are you waiting for? Go and brew yourself some of that strong tea and get set to work for the very best. The world awaits your rising; and FRM is just another test you will definitely ace; provided that you unfailingly work hard towards the goal without flinching.

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