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Actuarial Exam Success Story

“One of the stressful and toughest exams can be easily accomplished by having a strategy that works the best for you,” says Muskan who recently cleared the entrance exam.

“My love for numbers has always nurtured since childhood. I was always fascinated about memorizing the phone numbers, calculations to do when we visit a store or counting people who stood out in a party. Well, my mind always had numbers on the go. When I was in high school, I wasn’t sure what the perfect profession for me was. People told me that since I loved maths, I should go for engineering or CA or take a degree in maths itself. But I knew something else was there in my destiny, and then I came across ActuarialScience one day. Yes, I aspired to be an actuary. Sounds cool right? But not so cool as we need to pass 15 exams to be an actuary. It is a stressful and tough task but that didn’t deprive me of the love and passion that I had nurtured since childhood.
I started preparing for my CM1 Actuarial exam. I had 6 months to crack my goal. I made the perfect plan for my self-preparation.


I avoided all the distractions and stopped socializing for a while. This did give me a negative impact on my preparation. You must focus but never be hard on yourself. I freaked out a lot before my exam. I was so immersed in the preparation that even a thought of failure disappointed me. After all that dramatic preparation it was time for my first attempt and with my parent’s support, I passed.


For the next exam, I knew I need to use a different strategy otherwise I’ll never complete all the exams. If I was stressing out a lot for CM1 then how will I reach the 15th exam, that was my thought. Just then I knew my friend Simran was also in the run. I asked her to do our preparation together. We both were of the same wavelength and we knew each other and that meant we understood each other’s weakness too. When times were stressful, Simran would motivate me and encourage me. This preparation increased our competitive spirit and brought better results. We made short term and long term goals and achieved them together. I utilized my time wisely and I did socialize too, but still in a limited amount. Whenever it was hectic, we both went out for ice cream or talked about interesting topics. That would really give a relief.

Our exam was in April 2019 and we started our journey from November 2018. Just because of a study buddy I didn’t freak out before the exam. I loved prepping for the exam and we did crack the exam together. All those video calls, visits, and preparation days weren’t stressful, it was memorable. Hence, always find a strategy that pleases your mind. Finding a study partner with the same goals benefited me to achieve my goal with ease. Studying alone was hectic and tiring for me. We have a long way to go and I’m definite that we will crack all the exams and hurdles together. I would say with utmost confidence that you will only benefit from having a study partner if you focus on it. ”


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