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FRM – In a globally-challenging world of today there are a lot of questions you’ll face as a student before entering into the world of finance, but the answer to these questions is ONE – Choose what sets you apart. Obtaining the FRM designation not only broadens your skill set, but it also permits you to grow your global networking connections and become recognized globally as a leader in the world of finance by boosting your credibility and maximizing your personal and professional opportunities. One of the underlying tenets of finance is the ever-true trade-off between risk and reward. With more and more firms focusing their attention on developing stronger risk measures, the field of risk management is becoming a more desirable and competitive field than ever before. More and more risk professionals are choosing to further their credentials by enrolling in the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation. Becoming a certified FRM is not a venture that comes easily, but rarely are worthwhile undertakings achieved with little effort. The FRM designation is a professional certification offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and is widely recognized as the global certificate for financial risk professionals. The designation is highly specialized and makes the most sense for those with a deep interest in assessing managing risk on behalf of firms.





  1. STAND OUT – The FRM demonstrates your strong knowledge and comprehensive of financial risk concepts and clearly sets you apart from your competition.
  2. GROW YOUR NETWORK- Become part of an elite and well-connected community of highly valued and sought after professionals.
  3. ADVANCE YOUR CAREER- With the FRM designation comes increased credibility and respect from peers and clients.



  1. Candidates must pass the rigorous examination offered in 2 parts. Once they have cleared the examination, they need to have a relevant experience of 2 years at the least.
  2. A minimum of 2 years professional full-time work experience in the area of financial risk management or another related field.
  3. Once you have passed the FRM exam, you need to provide the proof of your professional experience to GARP, in order to receive your certificate.
  4. There is no pre-qualification required to appear for the FRM exam.


  1. Emphasize on concepts. Irrespective of your academic background, the best way to master core topics is from GARP core readings.
  2. Write what you read. Since the curriculum is huge, you should encode whatever you have learnt and prepare your very own “cheat sheet.”
  3. Select the right tools for your study. Put your concepts in action by attempting questions.
  4. Join studypal to study with study partners and experts.




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