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YES,music can help you ace your Tests !

It is never very easy to sit for long hours on end, trying hard to concentrate on those endlessly boring piles of books day after day without fail. It takes immense amount of willpower to continue doing so.

In these cases, a few things come to your rescue, which essentially involve listening to music. The right kind of music can soothe your nerves; elevate those moods and increase your productivity. Here are 5 types of music you MUST consider while building the playlist you study with:

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1. Timed tempos or repeated loops
It has been proved from extensive research that listening to music with sixty or more beats per minute in a repetitive cycle can ease the brain and help you concentrate. Choose songs with repetitive tempos to increase productivity levels.

2. Classical
Peaceful and harmonious, this genre of music comes with add-ons like elevated mood and better concentration. The stakes are set very high and if you have some serious studying to do, this could be your choice of music to study to.

3. Ambient or Instrumental sound tracks
Relaxing sound of soothing musical instruments set to the tune of modern classics, instrumental tracks bring to you the best of both worlds- great music and increased productivity while studying! Take your pick anytime

4. Natural Sounds
Waterfalls gushing down a mountain, birds chirping at the dawn or the rain pitter pattering on the roof; this kind of music can be soothing, calming and of course a mood enhancing variety. Do include the soundtracks in your playlist; if you are one of those who get charmed by serenity of nature pretty easy.

5. Modern electronic
Also famous as the EMO or “chill out” music; it includes songs from Ambient Trance, New Age and Trip Hop. Soothing to the mind and creating a sensation of freedom is what this genre does best.


If you are into serious test prep and a regular music addict, it is always wiser to have you playlist figured out before you settle down to study. Whether it is some chart buster or a scientifically created master playlist; all that matters is what works for you.

To be able to concentrate better is the obvious bottom line to everything. So next time you plug in those earphones to block out the world while studying, make sure you make the right choice of music to help yourself retain as much possible of whatever you study.

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