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Choosing the right platform to study with friends: Skype, Google Meet or Zoom?

Studying with a partner online has become much easier, owing to the array of video conferencing applications and interfaces available across devices online. The aftermath of the global pandemic has accelerated the innovations across such platforms, making them not just user friendly but also highly practical for remote learning activities.


While there are many such platforms online, the most popular of them are Zoom, Skype and Google Chat which are available for every person with a remote study partner to connect over a video call to study and share insights. While paid versions of these platforms offer a much greater flexibility, we bring to you a comparison of the features available in the free versions for you to make a decision on the most suitable platform for you and your study partner:



While many additional features like Polls, Q&A and a lot more has been developed to make studying for larger groups interactive and simpler by design by these platforms, all of them come at a steep price. You can consider them if your study group is big and willing to share the costs, but for all practical purposes, these platforms will meet most of your requirements. Depending on the features that benefit you the most, you can make the choice to make the correct decision about a platform that is both convenient and has a lot of features. Here’s to happy studying to you and your study partners!

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