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USMLE is one of those tests which make you feel like you’re running one long marathon with your destination nowhere in sight. The reason for maximum failures in USMLE is not the lack of ability in a student; but it is the lack of patience to go through all the stages with equal gusto and enthusiasm. Today, we bring to you a complete list of tips to crack USLME without actually giving up in between. Straight from our experts, here’s FIVE TIPS to ace USMLE:USMLE


Study Gradually
Attempting USMLE is not one big leap but a thousand small steps. Remember, you have to begin somewhere! So, why not get to study? Review the syllabus, sort out your weaknesses and strengths and zero on what exactly you need to study. Focus on strengthening your plus points and most importantly, build yourself a study schedule. Regular study hours are the only way to study for top scores in any exam.


Cram your way to glory
A large part of the test involves remembering a lot of facts and diagrams and processes; and though the understanding of these is essentially crucial, there is NOTHING that that replace the plus points of having all of it on the tip of your tongue. So, brace yourselves for the epic task and allot a slot in your schedule exclusively to cramming- an essential to pass the USMLE


Find yourself a study partner

For a test that seems never ending; it is vital to keep the spirits high. A study buddy or a study group could be definitely beneficial to all the CPA aspirants. You could compare notes, sit and discuss the issues you face with the prep at regular intervals. Need help finding a Study partner? Sign up for www.studypal.co today!

It’s all about the correct choices!!
The fact that most students forget while attending the test is; all questions weighs the same. So spending an extra five minutes so solve that real tricky question isn’t wise if you can solve an extra two(albeit simpler) in the same time frame. It is NOT about how well you attempt a particular question and best scorers get away with attempting something that is relatively easy!


Have a plan
Decide how on much time you are planning to spend on each phase and gradually work out a plan to cover the entire syllabus. Allot time slots for each topic and motivate yourself to meet the deadlines. Treat yourself to a movie or a dinner out to reward yourself and you will find yourself breezing through your prep for the test!

Now, that the list is up, what are you waiting for? Go find your book and settle down with a pen and paper to chalk out your prep plan today! If you are determined to excel; NOTHING could possibly stop you from acing your USMLE tests in the very first attempt. Stay calm and keep studying!
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