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How to Avoid Negative Marking in CAT Exam? – Byju’s

In the CAT exam, there is a ⅓ negative marking for each incorrect answer. For the exam, it is extremely crucial to attempt questions accurately rather than attempting more. By getting even one question wrong, the overall percentile can reduce to a good extent and chances of getting shortlisted to the preferred institute greatly reduces.
So, to ace the CAT and get shortlisted by any of the top IIMs or any other top B-Schools in the country, individuals need to prepare well, be confident and have personal test-taking strategies to finish the exam in time with maximum accuracy. So, to help the CAT aspirants score well in the exam, some of the tips to reduce negative marking in CAT exam are given below.


  • Be well prepared


The best way to avoid negative marking is by solving the questions accurately. To be able to solve the questions efficiently, it is important to be thorough with all the CAT syllabus topics and be well acquainted with the different question variations. Also, take several mocks before the exam for self-analysis and develop problem-solving abilities in the exam.


  • Read the questions thoroughly
Read questions properly

Read questions properly

It is important that each question should be read properly before starting to solve. In many cases, candidates misread a value or a unit and end up solving the question incorrectly. So, it is suggested to read the questions effectively and then start solving.


  • Avoid guessing


It is one of the most common practices that many individuals do in the competitive exams. As there is a -1 negative marking in CAT, even 1 incorrect guess can end up reducing the overall percentile to a great extent. It is always suggested to answer accurately and not guess in the CAT exam.


  • Be calm and concentrated


There are several instances where candidates mark the incorrect option in a hurry without noticing. This mainly happens when candidates states of minds are not composed and they get distracted. This is one of the common mistakes which can be easily avoided by staying calm and composed.


  • Avoid last-minute attempts


The duration of the CAT exam is 3 hours and the total questions are 100. So, it is really difficult for an individual to attempt all the questions in that time. But, CAT is all about getting the answers right and not solving all the questions. So, it is important to attempt the questions accurately and avoid last minute answers as it may lead to an incorrect attempt.


  • Have proper test-taking strategies


In the exam, managing time and solving accurately is very important. To be able to confidently attempt the questions, one needs personal test-taking strategies. The problem-solving abilities differ from person to person and so, it is important to have individual strategies. It is advised to start attempting with the easy questions from the more confident topics (according to self-preference) and then move to the difficult and time-consuming ones.


These were a few tips that can help the CAT aspirants avoid getting negative marking in the exam. It is important to have proper preparation and be confident with the syllabus. Candidates are suggested to take mock tests which are provided by the IIMs on the official website. The mock tests are generally released after the CAT registration is over and are available for all the registered candidates.


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