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Learn how to launch your successful start-up and get into Columbia Business School

Harsh Jain, Co-Founder & MD of Dream11.com, winner of the prestigious Red Herring Global Top 100 Award, talks to StudyPal.co about his journey to Columbia Business School and his GMAT prep

Did you study with a partner or by yourself for the GMAT? If yes, why?

I studied by myself for the GMAT as none of my friends were taking it around the same time. At the time of my GMAT prep I was running my start-up Dream11.com and had long working hours, which meant studying at odd hours of the night and squeezing in time on free weekends. I was not able to find a study partner in my city who had a similar educational background and studied during my time preference. More importantly, I would have wanted someone with a similar score & college aspirations as mine but did not have a platform of finding such a study partner.

What resources did you use for the GMAT?

I primarily used Manhattan GMAT books & prep courses as well as Karan Gupta Tutorials

Did you use a college counselor? Which?

While applying to CBS I took advice from ReachIvy

Would it have helped to have a StudyPal in your city to prepare with? Would you have used StudyPal.co?

Yes, it would have helped to keep me motivated and share the load of balancing my work and test prep with another who was going through what I was. Moreover, if the study timings matched and I could find someone who was at a similar level of preparedness to me, I would definitely have used StudyPal.co

Can you provide a few lines on your experience at MBA and life in NYC

Columbia is an awesome fit because its right in the middle of NYC so I have the best of everything – Wall Street, Silicon Alley, Restaurants, Nightlife.

CBS’s strong Entrepreneurship program, focusing on hands-on learning, lends well to learning & growing of my start-up Dream11.com.


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