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Life after CFA

You can hear very often that life after CFA is beautiful! That is so true!

Becoming a CFA charter holder gives you a certain level of personal satisfaction. Completing one of the most prestigious and demanding professional programs in business is certainly a distinctive characteristic that should make you proud. As a CFA Charterholder you will be among approximately only 110.000 professionals in the world who share this designation.

CFA Charter will certainly open some doors in the investment/financial industry. It doesn’t mean that you will be instantly promoted at your current workplace, but it definitely makes you a person of choice for lead expert or managerial position. The key competitive advantage compared to your peers is certainly the knowledge you have gained in the process of obtaining the charter. However, do not neglect the opportunity for further education given by CFA charterholders by CFA Institute via magazines regularly shipped to charterholders’ address, as well as other professional programs – education is the lifetime long process.

According to some researches CFA charterholders get better paid jobs than non-CFA charterholders. The connection is probably not linear and the fact that you have the ability to complete such a demanding program also enables you to climb in the corporate organization. However, CFA Charter definitely gives you some bullets for your career talks with your superiors. Your knowledge will be recognized and you will be professionally more satisfied than before.

On the private side, you will have surprisingly more time for private stuff. During preparation for the CFA exams, you wanted to make use of your time as efficiently as possible – you can use TimePrep and also form a study group on StudyPal.co So, if you keep the discipline, after the program, you will have much more free time to spend with your family and friends.

Finally, don’t forget an important thing. CFA charter gives not only benefits but also some requirements. Strict professional and ethical standards oblige you to certain level of professionalism and adherence to the high ethical standards. Make sure you promote and adhere to these standards in your everyday business.

Good luck!

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