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Pulling off the geek chic look

Our 5 step guide to look your trendy best while you study


With geek chic look as one of the leading trends last year, it was only a matter of time before looking geeky went fashionable. Gone are the days when looking studious would translate to something boring. The geeky-chic look has taken the world by storm and today, we bring to you the basics of looking your trendy best while you actually study for your upcoming tests:



The must-have accessory for the geek chic look is the optical glasses, mostly a tad oversized (regardless of the fact whether your vision is poor or not). Try to flaunt a universally flattering tortoise shell pair or a pair of horn rimmed glasses with a colourful frame. Make sure the glasses fit and compliment. You can experiment with various looks online before settling down for your favorite pair.

The Geeky T- Shirt


The geeky look is never complete without a versatile collection of pastel coloured t-shirts complete with quirky quotes. Comic book characters and symbols, science fiction & fantasy cartoons, science maths and computer jokes or nerdy anecdotes from popular TV series- anything would do! Choose something that accentuates your personality, find the right fit and you are good to go.

The comfort Jeans


A good pair of jeans is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces around to help you with your geeky up do—it can help you achieve the perfect balance between youth and sophistication, and it can be paired with almost anything. Make sure that your pair is of a solid colour; an unwashed shade would be the best to help you get your geek on without looking too hippie like.

Leather Satchel / Backpack


Another important element in your ensemble should be a leather accessory- a backpack or a satchel will work just right. Experiment with toned downed colours like a rich oxblood shade or an earthy dark green, just make sure that the colour should be neutral enough to complement a mix match of outfits but chic enough to make you look trendy. What more, since satchels and backpacks are roomy enough, you can stash in your books and study materials in them and make best of them

Sneaker Shoes


Sneaker Shoes are a staple for the geeky chic look . Thankfully, there are a lot of options to explore. For a sleek and brooding look, you cannot go wrong with brogues in brown or tan. You can buy a good pair in colours of your choice and experiment with the lace colours to compliment the rest of your outfit ensemble.


So, next time you feel like escaping the boredom of test prep and the endless studying; grab your books and put our geek chic on while you lounge back in your favorite coffeehouse for a change. Who knows you might find yourself a partner to study or some real needed solace! And in case you are trying to find yourself a study partner, do signup for our website and find thousands of like-minded students with options to sort them according location and study targets. Looking great while test prep has never been so easier!

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