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The 5 best places to buy glasses

There used to be a time when people used to be ashamed of wearing glasses and the poor bespectacled guy used to be the butt of all the jokes. But, times have changed and geek is the new in. From sports celebrities to famous actors, all are donning the geeky look and rocking it. So, next time you dig into your books at the local coffee shop; boost up your style quotient by donning a pair of glasses. We bring to you a list of best 5 places to buy glasses from to look cool while studying:

1. Warby Parker
Apart from the huge range of glasses it offers; Warby Parker is a popular choice because of its unique 5 day trial period. You get to keep 5 different frames over five day trial period and then choose the one you want to buy at your own convenience. Warby Parker has won hearts with its path breaking initiative; the company gifts a pair of glasses to someone needy each time you buy a pair from them. So, if you are looking forward to some great service and customer satisfaction, Warby Parker is the best option around.

2. Zinni Opticals
If you are a student on a shoestring budget, Zinni is the best place for you. With its incredibly trendy designs and affordable pricing; Zinni is a win all the way. If you are planning to buy a couple of glasses and rotate them for a fresh look everyday, look no further than Zinni. You can now do it easily without burning a hole in our wallet.

3. Eye Buy Direct
Borderline between class and affordability? With its huge discounts, incredible offers and massive range of frames and glasses, Eye Buy Direct is the ultimate destination for you. They provide highly specialized prescription glasses too; and for your perfect geek look,it can help you figure out something perfect for yourself.

4. Goggles 4 U
For those you want to splurge a bit; Goggles 4 U brings an exciting range of designer glasses; which of course come with hefty price tags. There are many generic yet attractive varieties available at low prices too, and the company’s no non sense website is a treat to scroll through. Their customer service is great as well and this is, with little doubt, a great place to buy your pair of glasses from.

5. Coastal or ClearlyContacts
Coastal and its Canadian ally ClearlyContacts score it big when it comes to customer service. From huge discounts to personalized free order deliveries to the first free frame ; you name it and the company does it. Their prices are mostly mid-ranged, and they know how to pamper you for the money you spend on them. Plenty of coupons are available online and you can make the best use of them while assembling a new look for yourself.

Studying doesn’t have to be a chore & it always helps to get your geek chic on. Grab a pair, gently rest the rim on your nose and look your personal best with glasses and a pair of books open before you. You are definitely working hard to be smarter; so why not look the part too? Next time you plan on buying a pair,do explore the options and let us know your experiences with the glasses.

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