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5 Secret Study Spots in Vancouver

vancouver-754204_1920It is a well-known fact that changing your study spot every once in a while helps promote information retention. While studying in the comfort of our homes is undoubtedly comforting; but mostly when we are outdoors; the choice of location is definitely an important aspect of a proper fruitful study experience of a good studying experience.
To help our members with the scouting of study spots, we’ve scanned through the entire city of Vancouver to find the best study spots for getting the test prep done. We bring to you a list of 5 best Study Spots in Vancouver to get your studying done:

The Allard Hall Building
Spacious and breezy; this building, also famous as the Law Library; is perhaps one of the best places to study in the area. The jaw dropping background of the beautiful mountains and the silent library provides just the ideal setting for settling down and get some serious work done.

Calhoun’s Bakery – 3035 West Broadway
Open twenty four hours a day; it is the perfect place for pulling an all-nighter with lots of fooding options at your beck and call. The WiFi is great; though you have to buy something every three hours to continue using it. The seating is plush and comfy and is perfect for those extra-long study sessions.

The Basement of Koerner Library
If rumours have it, this place is definitely the quietest one on the campus. If you have some really difficult cramming to be done or if you are one of those lovers of complete silence; this is the perfect escapade for you!

The Atrium of the Forestry Building
A perfect escapade for the hustle and bustle of the campus; the atrium is a great place to settle down with your books and get some serious prep done. There is a Tim Horton’s just below it; to fuel your caffeine demands every once in a while. The place is closed by 6pm though; and is apt for the day hangouts only.

Marine Drive Common’s Block
From group study rooms to silent study areas, high top tables and comfy couches-you name it and this awesome place has it! Depending on how you prefer your studying; there is an option for everyone. If you prefer studying with a partner, it is one of those places where you can easily find yourself a spot to discuss and study.

The list doesn’t end here. Vancouver is a vibrant city, and there are many discoveries to be made. We brought to you a list that we found great enough, but as the saying goes, “there is always that one more place left to go!” So, what exactly are you waiting for? Grab your books and step out in the town. Who knows, you might find your own study spot or find inspiration from one in the list that improves your test scores like you never imagined!

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