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Best 5 unique places | study spots in Toronto – Studypal

It is always an uphill task to find yourself some solace when you live in a really huge city to begin with. Talking of Toronto, the best places to work or study here are a wonderful kaleidoscopic mix of the peaceful and the stimulating libraries and coffee shops, which are undoubtedly largely popular among people looking to escape the distractions at home or places around them. Here is a list of Best 5 Study Spots to escape to in Toronto, brought to you by experts at StudyPal.co, to make your study sessions all more fruitful:toronto-city-hall-1030731_1920

The Bagel House

1438 Yonge Street

The Bagel House brings deliciously fresh Montreal-style bagels to your plate and for the students out there; it makes the perfect study spot to stick up to when you need a late night study den, with snacks to munch upon. With most of their locations open for 24 hours round the clock, this place is an absolute winner.

Coffee Time 731

Broadview Avenue

If you want to catch up with your test prep with some serious dose of studying, Coffee Time, with its free WiFi and quiet surroundings make a perfect spot to escape to. You can switcvh between various different blends of coffee or relish some homely soup and sandwich while you dig into your beloved books to study.

Toronoto Library

Basically the entire city’s study room, this place can effectively be called as the huge backbone of Toronto’s knowledge base. Five massive floors high, this place has plenty of spaces to tuck yourself in with your books. The Balzac’s Coffee on the ground floor provides the solution to the caffeine addicts out there. If you want some real quiet time, you can always try the north end of the top most floor for all the solace in the end.

Yorkville Library

When all the public libraries are swarming with students during the exam season on peak, this is your place to be with your study notes. The building is grandly gorgeous, and the ancient faced bring round an aura of ancient glamour. Trying grabbing yourself a spot at the study tables behind the library building if you want some serious studying to be done.

Black Canary Cafe

Sherbourne & Adelaide’s Black Canary brings to you a cozy home like setting and with its numerous tables perfect for settling down with your laptop and books, the place is a real gem. With plenty of wall outlets to aid your extra-long sessions, and delicious Nutella Latte to cater to your caffeine cravings, this place is absolute bliss.


So, next time you feel like escaping the boredom of your room while studying; grab your books and head to any of the above places. Who knows you might find yourself a partner to study or some real needed solace! And in case you are trying to find yourself a study partner, do signup for our website and find thousands of likeminded students with options to sort them according location and study targets. Maybe you might find someone to explore the above places soon!

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