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7 tech savvy ways to do your studying

Studying is not about digging into your books anymore. With the advent of the smart phones and high speed internet; the way we study has undergone a sea change. We bring to you a list of the major technologies that have changed the way the world studies forever. Here is a list of 7 tech savvy ways to do your studying :


1. Wikipedia
Of all things that internet brought to our homes; Wikipedia has to be among those which became absolute lifesavers. It has been the savior of endless last minute assignments to those never ending project write-ups. The source of all the information you could possibly need for your reference, Wikipedia is a tech wonder which changed studying forever for better.

2. YouTube
Video lectures to tutorials on every possible subject, YouTube videos are a boon to the serious student who wants to utilise the resources available online to the fullest. YouTube videos are now officially available for download and offline use; maximizing their utility in your study regime.

3. Clockwork Tomato
This app is a time management one; which helps you boost your productivity by dividing work time in 25 minute long intervals. Available on android platform and based on Pomodoro technique; this app set reminders for breaks and for when to go back to your books. This boosts your study effectiveness.

4. StudyPal
Studying becomes easier when you do it with a partner. StudyPal helps you find a perfect study buddy based on your study goals in your neighbourhood and makes test prep a lot easier to deal with. It is the perfect solution for the students who want to have a companion for their studies.

5. My Study Life
Basically a planner, it helps you jot down everything- from your homework to pending study goals at one place and then work according to it. It tracks your works, manages your timetables and can be used to set reminders for examinations. And all of it is cloud based, so you can access it from any device too!

6. 7 minute workout
Another amazing android app that is a wonderful companion to a student. It is difficult to squeeze out time from your study schedule but fitness does come across as something inevitable. This app helps you maintain a healthy exercise regime and that too in 7 quick minutes. A boon to the studios geeks out there.

7. E-books
Gone are the days when leafing through pages used to be a tiresome task. With ebooks and easy scrolling devices and apps, locating your needed topic is easier than ever. All you need is a device to access the internet and a minor fee in some cases; and you’ll have the amazing world of ebooks at your fingertips.

The ways in which we do our studying have changed drastically over time. From hiding behind huge book piles to merrily clicking our way through internet to access information, the changes are very pronounced. There are immense possibilities to be explored and this list is merely the tip of the iceberg. For studying is much more than being stuck with books now, and to ace your tests, it is better to study smart and be tech savvy.

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