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Six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep

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Time management is essential to anybody who is into serious test prep. All competitive exams come with the challenge of effective study methods and time management; failing which, success is merely a far fetched idea. Technology comes to our rescue when it comes to time management; with a vast range of apps to our aid. To cut your search short, we bring to you a list of six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep in the best possible way:

1. Rescue Time
If you’re one of those lazy bones who spend a few longer minutes on each task daily only to end up wondering, where the time slipped away, this app is definitely for you. It keeps a track of all your activities and sends you a weekly report to finally realise where exactly your time is wasted when it isn’t exactly obvious.

2. Remember the milk
This one is for the tech savvy student who has a lot to do; besides, of course, his test prep. It helps you manage your tasks over a number of devices and sends reminders wherever you are.

3. Focus Booster
The app works on the basic principles of the pomodoro technique and is for the ones who get easily overwhelmed by the study targets. It helps you manage your time by reminding you when to take breaks and when to work on your tasks.

This app helps you figure out how much time you spend on which task by its effective time sheets. Time management comes easy as it helps you understand what kills your time unnecessarily.

5. Pocketfree
For the distracted souls who waste hours on the internet surfing something entirely unwanted; this app is a boon. It helps you save your finds on the internet and access them later when you are free to go through them.

6. Daily Agenda
For the ones for whom planning doesn’t come easy; DailyAgenda is the best solution. All it does is to sync all your calendars over your phone, mail and any other app to give to reminders about upcoming exams, study sessions etc. It reminds you how much time you have for the task at hand.

The internet provides us with great alternatives and if you’re not using them, you are missing out on a lot of things. Life is a race these days and a little help goes a long way. It is your precious little time; and to excel, make sure you use it in the best possible way you can!

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