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4 secret drinks that work wonders for your brain – Studypal.com

Brain Booster Drinks

A sleepless night with a cup of coffee is perhaps what study sessions are all about to many. But, there are a hoard of such drinks which lay their claim to brain enhancing capacities. We bring to you a list of such drinks which are popular brain boosters along with their pros and cons:

1. Tea Orange Juice - Tea - Coffee - Tea bags - Smoothies - StudyPal
Perhaps the oldest of the brain enhancers; tea comes in varieties and aromas known to have curing and soothing properties.Antioxidants help flush out your toxins and keeps you emotionally healthy.
But, excess of tea is known to make you hyperactive and may cause indigestion in many cases. Stiffening of arteries in severe cases is one more thing that over consumption of tea can cause.

2. Coffee

The insomniac students’ trump card through those late night dates with books; coffee is a boon to the students who prefer long study hours. Longer concentration hours to increased cognition powers; coffee is wonderful for brain functioning.
But, coffee has its share of cons too; and like tea, an overdose can lead to hyperactivity. Dehydration is yet another reason why excess of coffee intake should be avoided.

3. Green Tea

High levels of antioxidants accompanied with a dash of caffeine make green tea a new entrant in the list of drinks that can help you increase your performance and concentration.
Green tea, on other hand, can increase risks of osteoporosis as it lowers calcium absorption capacity of bones. Prolonged consumption can also hasten development of wrinkles and is harmful to anemic people.

4. Fruit Juices

Juices are healthy and to be honest; the best option for a health drink for any serious student. Test prep should be done on a full stomach, and a glassful of juice in the morning is no doubt a great option.

But, you must be careful of the stuff you put in, especially of the ones that can possibly cause indigestion or are too high with the sugar content.
All things come with properties good and bad. But, we all have our choices to make and when it comes to what we consume; the decision should be careful and well thought out. You should consider the pros and cons and make a choice for yourself! There are options galore, all you have to do is to explore them and decide what works the best for you.

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