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Six secrets about early morning studying that will definitely make you change the way you study forever

“Burning the mid night oil” has so long been a cliché that whenever it comes to serious studying, we end up imagining strained sleepless nights of study; aided by an excessive overdose of caffeine. Admit it, at some point or the other in your life, you have stayed up late; just to put an impression that you are working hard. But, as far as the productivity levels are concerned; trust us; you have been doing it wrong all these years.breakfast-867822_1920
Scientifically speaking; early morning studies are not only more productive but also enhances the brain capacity. Here are six secrets about early morning studying that will definitely make you change the way you study forever.

1.Brain cells are more alert at the break of the dawn

Ever wondered why morning assembly prayers are the easiest things to remember? It is because human brain cells tend to be more receptive in the early hours of the day. Anything that you study during the morning is more likely to be registered in your memory. It is like the golden hour; especially when you have a lot of facts to mug up real quick. Grab a pencil, jot down the stuff you need to learn and try learning them in wee hours of the morning. Chances are likely that you will remember the facts by a lot more ease.

2.Mornings are great time for self assertion

It is like the best time to set your goals and decide how far you can stretch yourself. Early mornings bring round a sense of new beginning; and somewhere on psychological levels you find yourself bracing larger goal targets and achieving them. Waking up in the morning plays with your will power and secretly acts as a booster to it.

3.Study sessions are comparatively stress free

The thing with mornings is, you are fresh out from bed and will be at your relaxed best. You will have your whole day ahead to plan for, and there is plenty of time to meet your deadlines for the day. This makes studying in the morning a relatively more stress free experience as you have fewer things to bother you. You have a lot to look ahead to.

4. There is zero social media distraction

Admit it; it is trendy these days to stay up with your pile of books opened before you all night while all your concentration remains stuck to your cell phone as it furiously beeps with endless notifications all through the night. It is basically after 4 am in the morning that the virtual world actually tends to go silent; even if for a little time. Early mornings are the best time to study from the point that it is probably the only time our virtual world takes a backseat and is comparatively silent.

5.Silence of the morning is optimistic

Studies have shown that though late nights have their share of silence; but a majority of people agreed to find it depressing. No wonder, they call it the dead silence! Early morning silence is said to be more cheerful and if you are lucky enough to live in the country; nothing can be more effective to lift your mood than early morning birds chirping as you study. You can always begin your day with a little stroll in the open and then settling down with your books. The fresh morning air helps to bring the mind in a positive frame, and we all know how much a little optimism can help with concentration powers!

6.There is always a chance for brainstorming later in the day

At some point of time, we all have tried to revise what we learn; but the problem is we never had the time. With studies completed early in the morning, we have the whole day to ourselves. The lazy afternoons might be utilised for brainstorming yourself and quickly revise whatever you have learnt in the morning. With major study targets achieved in the morning itself, time management for revision becomes a lot easier.

Now that you know how exactly a couple of hours in the morning can be much more effective than staying up all night; it is high time to change your study schedule. Get up with the sun, breathe in the fresh morning air and brace yourself to more productive study sessions. Your time is valuable, and it deserves the best management. There are a lot to be done; and mornings are just the beginning! And if you wish to find some more encouragement; do find yourself a study buddy with similar study goals and aims. Signup at www.studypal.co today to know more!

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