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Best places to study

Studying is an exercise of the brain and it needs a proper gym. So, you should choose your place to study wisely. Here are some suggestions:
1.Home: It is indeed the first place that comes to mind. You are nowhere more comfortable than your own home. You can lie down, hang yourself upside down or just walk around shouting the formulae out loud. It’s your home after all.

2.Library: It is probably the most peaceful place you could find. You have access to high-speed internet and numerous books. You sure have enough space. Search for a section which is not visited frequently and sit comfortably in your chair. With time, you might even develop a liking for a particular spot.

3.Coffee shop: The appeal of this places lies in the availability of rich coffee and Wi-Fi. Pumped up with caffeine, you can stay focused easily there. You will automatically blur the things you hear. This ambient noise isn’t a bliss for everyone, however.

4.Book store: It gives the silence of a library. If the book store also has a café, then it has the included advantages of a library and a coffee shop.

5.Park: Away from your home, this place has an entirely different atmosphere. Its serenity is unique, something only nature can provide. You will have no problem focusing here. An energy is instilled in you, and you would perform better than your usual self.

6.Your study partner’s home: Studying is a lot more fun this way. You will have someone to help you when you get stuck. You can also help your partner with things that confuse him. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to learn something is by explaining it to someone. The hospitality is a bonus.

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