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Studypal brings you 5 study spots in Mumbai you must checkout

It is difficult to find places to spend some quality time with your books. So Studypal does the exploring for you and brings you 5 study spots in Mumbai you must checkout :

1. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Located just near Hazi Ali; this place has been long been a favourite hangout for its delicious mocha and lovely surroundings. The place is calm and serene; and you can sit back and relax here. They provide WiFi connectivity too; and the plush sofas are a hit with those need a cozy place to study.

2.Magna books
This is another hidden place to hangout; on the first floor of the Fab India Shop building. It has a cafe inside and one on the verandah; so you can decide for yourself. The cafe is often frequented by people who want some calm solitary time for themselves and it cab very well serve as a great place to study.

3.Asiatic society library
Amidst the rush and cacophony of the city that never sleeps, there stands this place, surrounded by thick jungle on both sides. Once you are here; it is almost like you for once, escape the humdrum of Mumbai. Its serenity makes the Asiatic Society Library a great place to study in Mumbai. You need to have a membership or fees per day is a hundred Indian rupees.

4.Jahangir café
There is no Mumbaikar who doesn’t swear by this classic hangout. It is not just a great place to relax but to grab your books and do some serious studying.

5.Colaba Causeway
This place promises a lot many things; and peace of mind is just one of them. You can walk over to the legendary Leopold Cafe or grab a quick coffee. It has to be the most perfect place to be on your own and get some reading done.
Mumbai, with its rushing lifestyle and unending rush towards a better life; there are a few spots to hang out by yourself. So, try these spots we handpicked for you and do let us know your experience

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