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6 places to study in Chicago

Living in a city has its share of perks. You have access to fast paced lifestyle and the entire hustle bustle, but sometimes it gets difficult when you want some solitary time to yourself. Preparation for competitive entrance examinations do are a big deal, and today we bring to you an insight on secret study spots in Chicago where you can absolutely indulge yourself with a date with your books. We bring to you 6 spots to study in Chicago:

1.McKinley Park Lagoon
69 acre park, peaceful surroundings, a lagoon – you name it and there it is! Located in the southwest of the city, this park was originally supposed to be a wading lagoon. The vacant lengths along the waterline provide the perfect hangout for the solitary reader. Pack in your lunch, drive to the park and reward yourself with a study session far from the cacophony of the city on the bank of the waters that are sure to calm your nerves before you start studying.

2.Cafe street
If your phone is buzzing all the time with notifications straight from the world you built up for yourself on the internet; this place is the perfect escape. Thanks to the Zero Wi-Fi, mugs of coffee doing rounds and the silent ambience; it will definitely help you get your mind together and settle down for some serious studying.

3.Coleman library
Now, there is this place many students from the University Of Chicago often visit; and you can find yourself a silent corner to dig into your books or solve those awfully complicated set of math problems whenever you feel like it. It is a potentially good place to find yourself a study buddy too; in case you prefer having someone else to study with. The place is no wonder a great escapade from the humdrum if you want some time alone with you and your studies.

4.The Map Room
There is no place better for studying than one which gives you the vibe of solidarity and the welcoming warmth of home. When finding for places to study in Chicago; this Bucktown bar definitely gets into the list for its coffee house like feel, a six am opening time and free Wifi. Entry to the place requires an ID, hence the chance of a hulla-boo is rare in this cozy place making it perfect for studying.

5.Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond
Tuck in between the Lincoln Zoo and Conservatory; there is this little beautiful marvel which is a definite off beat place to end up with your books. A beautifully shaded oasis; filled with fishes, frogs and a lot many things take up the tranquility level a notch higher. Surrounded by shady trees on all sides; this could be your perfect escapade destination in lap of nature. Books, you and your thoughts- the perfect place to study!

6.The bench mural at Loyola Park
A community painted concrete bench along the sea beach that extends for more than 600 feet is the kind of place that in itself evokes a sense of self-indulgence. With the spectacular view and the soothing sea breeze; this place is the silence over’s perfect haven. There is a great atmosphere around to dig into your books all by yourself. It stretches all the way from Farewell Avenue to the Morse Avenue and though the seating isn’t very comfortable; the other perks compensate for it pretty well.

The above list is not comprehensive, and there is always scope for finding someplace new to study in your city. For the explorers at heart, the possibilities are immense. So, get up from that boring study table stuck in the dead end of your room and go out to get some inspiration. Studying is not only about mugging stuff but learning in the process. A new location, some fresh air and new people can do a lot good to you in the long run. So, what are you waiting for?

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