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5 places to study in Washington DC

Whenever we talk of Washington DC; the vivid picture of the white house pops in our head and all other aspects take a backseat. But, a city can never be defined by the buildings in it. The culture, the lifestyle and the small coffee shops by the road breathe in life in any city. Studying for exams are always a hard nut to crack; especially when you live in one of the largest metropolitan of the world. Exploration is something which demands patience and lots of time; but with exams looming overhead it becomes a real challenging task to find solace while studying. StudyPal brings to you a list of best places to grab your book and dig deep into the words. Here is a list of 5 best places to study in Washington DC:

1.Sankofa bookstore n café
Whenever we talk of studying; a coffee shop does earn a spot on the list. Widely appreciated by students and the occasional reader; this place is ideal for sitting back and relaxing. There are tables large enough to hold two laptops and with high speed WiFi access; the half bookstore, half café theme works great. Service is slow and takes its own sweet time; while you sit back and dig into your books. In case you haven’t brought over your own ones; there is always a great collection lining the walls. It is an absolutely awesome place to grab your coffee and do some studying.

2.Montrose park
The largest park in Washington which often gets overlooked many a times is essentially a steal deal when it comes to finding a place to study. Tucked far away from noises of the city; the huge shady ancient trees are the perfect place to study. Located directly next to the Dumbarton Oaks; which is also essentially pure wilderness, this place holds serenity and a whole lot of mysteries.

Soft lighting, foiled ceilings and comfy seating couches- you name it and TRYST has it! Often frequented by students on their laptops or stuck to their books; this place is one the very few ones to have dine in options. You might have to share your table or couch with someone else; but the food is delicious and the atmosphere absolutely up to set you in mood. Located between N Columbia Rd & N Adams Mill Rd; this place can be a rewarding experience when it comes to studying.

4.Logan traffic circle
Though Washington DC has over 40 traffic circles, Logan traffic circle is definitely among the best ones. Located in the historic cum hipster neighborhood of 14th street, the Logan Circle is peaceful, large and lined with big shady trees. This is probably one of the best places to lie down under the sun with a book open before you.

5.Georgetown public library
For those who require peace and quietness, the beautiful and picturesque Georgetown Public Library is more than perfect. Grab some coffee and snacks from many of the surrounding cafes and enjoy yourself with your books inside the breathtaking interiors of this hidden beauty. With the absolute calmness around, you can get some serious studying done.
So, next time you feel like escaping the boredom of your room while studying; grab your books and head to any of the above places. Who knows you might find yourself a partner to study or some solace! And in case you are trying to find yourself a study partner, do signup for our website and find thousands of like minded students. Maybe you might find someone to explore the above places soon!

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