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San Francisco’s 5 secret study spots nobody will tell you about

It is a unique experience to live in a city; with all its fast paced lifestyle and unending rush. But, every once in a while we all yearn for some solitude and when it comes to finding a place to study for tests, it becomes a real tricky situation. Test prep in itself requires a lot of attention and you need to simply shut out the noises while you concentrate on your studies. We did the scouting for you and made a list of hideouts to escape to when you want to do some serious test prep. Here presenting a list of San Francisco’s 5 secret study spots nobody will tell you about.

1.Baker Beach
Though there are plenty of beaches in San Francisco; you can be by yourself here especially over by the sand ladder. The calm gushing of waves and the serenity sets the perfect mood for studying. Though there might be some rare couples on a date on the beach, it is pretty normal to be completely alone there. Pack yourself some food and water though and you’ll be good to go.

2.The study rooms in the Main Library
The San Francisco Main Library is an enchanting place and is perhaps the most fantastic place to settle down with your books. But, loud users can be quite a distraction and this is when the Study Rooms become useful: with their glass partitions which are sound proof and can even be locked from inside. All you have to do is to enquire at the page desk and enjoy the solitude in the one of the fourteen beautifully crafted glass rooms.

3.The Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate Park
Though there are countless corners to slip into in the Golden Gate Park; the Shakespeare garden is one of the most serene hideout. Perfectly manicured and decorated with plants; it provides a shady escapade with you and your beloved books. It is hidden just enough out of view that many people miss it; the garden is a perfect place to dig into your books and do some serious prep in laps of nature.

4.The Creamery
This is a perfect place to grab your lunch from and then eat it on its open space out in the delicious sunshine. Free WiFi access is a plus point; and if you want some time out in the sun aided with food, drinks and internet; this place is for you! Grab your books and bask in the sun as you get your test prep done.

5.Cowell Ranch Beach
When we are in San Francisco; we cannot possibly overlook the beaches. This one might be a little difficult to find; and you have to go past route 92 to lookout for this gem. A green sand cove and high dune cliffs give a breathtaking view. The place is really secluded and you will be at peace with your books all through the day.

So now the list is up, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of exploration to be done and sometimes change of a study spot can do wonders. Pack your books now and get going. Who knows this might help you concentrate a lot better and ace your tests !

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