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The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is an examination for investment professionals to a designation of the same name and is conducted by the CAIA Association. Individuals aspiring to become alternative investment professionals need to take these tests after completing their course of study to earn the designation of a CAIA.
The exam is conducted in two levels and requires a high degree of precision and practice for great results. Today, Studypal.co brings to you tips to ace your CAIA TEST:


1. A study plan
Get on paper what exactly you need to study about. Having a study plan chalked out helps you have a disciplined approach towards the test prep and will help you in the long run. You can always cross check how much more you need to cover up before appearing for the test.

2. Practise Multitasking
Most of the people taking the CAIA test are normally full time working professionals so it is important that you master the art of multitasking. Try getting two things done together so that you could juggle both your office and the test prep.

3. Get a study partner
The biggest problem with CAIA test prep is that since there will be a lot of distracting factors, you can get demotivated very easily. Have a study partner or form a study group that can help you with the test prep and meet up at least once in a week to discuss your problems and spend time solving them. For finding a study partner near you, log on to www.studypal.co today!

4. Practice, repeat and practice
It is essential to practise everything you have learned over and over again. So, basically when you chalk out your study plan, make sure you allot time slots for revision because it is extremely crucial to getting a good test score.

5. Take regular breaks
With both your job and test prep vying for your attention; don’t just completely ignore your physical and mental well-being. Take rest and exercise once in a while. Since preparing for two levels of the test can be straining for your health, it is also important to have a healthy diet plan.

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