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5 Study Spots in Austin to look out for

Studying doesn’t always need to be boring. With a lot of study prep to be done for those hugely competitive tests, it is always advisable to find yourself a change of location, all for your good. Caffeine addict or an outdoor person; we have something for you on our list of study spots for Austin. So grab your books and walk out to explore the 5 absolutely fantastic study spots in Austin which will help you to ace those test scores:




Delicious coffee, lovely music and tons of natural light set just the right mood for studying. The interiors are modern and chic and there is an option for easing yourself on the couches while you study. This place also has some of those executive meeting tables; apt for people who like to study in groups of two or three. Houndstooth is the ultimate answer to the students on a budget looking for some place quiet to study.

Location: 4200 North Lamar Boulevard


Carver Branch Library

Austin Public Library’s first branch to cater to the black community; this place has a history that dates back to1933. A non-university library; it has a museum attached to add to its charms. East Side Pies, an eatery without delectable items on the menu, stands as a rescue to the hungry souls just across the street. The lovely little place also has reasonably large meeting rooms; making it apt for the group study sessions with your study pals.

Location: 1161 Angelina St


Barton Springs Pool

Sometimes, all of us crave to grab our books and lay down in the warm sun, lazing around. For all those outdoor loving romantics at hearts, this is the place to be. Apt for extra-long study sessions which require a great deal of reading; the pool is an inviting option for a swim break between those long study hours. Food isn’t allowed inside; but you can always grab a snack outside.

Location: 2201 Barton Springs Rd

Thunderbird Coffee

For those looking for a social setting for light studying and finding interesting things and people to observe, Thunder Bird is the place to be. They offer both beer and coffee; and both are taken care of with expertise. So, this place is one of those real catches where you can have agreat beer to calm your nerves to sip over the delicious coffee to rack your brains as you prep for your upcoming tests.

Location: two locations –
2200 Manor Rd
1401 Koenig Ln



Once Over Coffee Bar

Its location; cleverly hidden away behind those numerous sprawling oaks, gives you the feeling of being tucked away in a little garden with a coffee bar. The shaded outdoor patio overlooks the Bouldin Creek; making this spot an absolute visual bliss. You can bring along your food too; given you buy the coffee here which is by every means, pretty good. This is an absolute winner for a study spot to get lost in.

Location: 2009 S 1st St

The above list is not comprehensive, and there is always scope for finding someplace new to study in your city. For the explorers at heart, the possibilities are immense. So, get up from that boring study table stuck in the dead end of your room and go out to get some inspiration. Studying is not only about mugging stuff but learning in the process. A new location, some fresh air and new people can do a lot good to you in the long run. So, what are you waiting for?

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