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Places to Study in Boulder | Study in Colorado – Studypal

Studying all by yourself is an uphill task in itself and when you have tests to prep for; the whole struggle takes itself to an entirely new level. And of all things, the biggest problem remains of that of finding yourself a good place to study, especially if you’re not one of those lucky ones with the privacy of a solitary room. In the series of study spots scouting Study Pal is doing exclusively for you; we bring to you the study spots in Boulder City, Colorado. From libraries to coffee shops to just the good old outdoor locations on the sprawling university campus, here is the list of Boulder’s  best study spots:denver-790472_1920

  1. Colorado University Museum of National History

 Absolutely silent at most times of the year; the endlessly long tables for seating provide the perfect spot for serious studying. The library timings are perfect for extensive studying especially who prefer about silence for prepping for the tests. Free tea and coffee is something that make it an absolute winner.

 Address: Colorado College

  1. The Cup

This immensely homely  coffee shop  is often better than most surrounding ones. The staff is young and cheerful; and the wrapped salads and sandwiches come to rescue when the hunger pangs come hitting. Comfy chairs and a mostly quiet atmosphere is conductive to studying like nothing else.

Address: 1521 Pearl Street

  1. Half Fast Sub

Irresistibly quiet and complete with spaces to comfortably seat you for long hours and enjoy the trademark sandwiches as you dig into your books; Half Fast Studio is the perfect escapade for the silence lover. Ample number of options to lure your taste buds as you study make it theperfect place to go out with your books and do some studying.

 Address: 1215 13th Street

  1. Law school library

Also known as Wolf Law Library,  this place is definitely a cozy place to be in. Sectioned for privacy to the serious reading the place is definitely as absolute hit for test prep.

Address: Colorado College

  1. Folsom Street Coffee

 Low key coffee shop and remains sparsely crowded a large part of the day. The shaded Patio provides an open air venue to study with your books which appealing to both the eyes and the soul. The fluffy, comfy seating and the delicious menu makes it an ideal place to settle down with the books while you gorge on a lovely pastry to help those history facts sink in a lot more easily.

Address: 1795 Folsom Street

So now the list is up, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of exploration to be done and sometimes change of a study spot can do wonders. Pack your books now and get going. A new place can bring round a vibe that can be inspiring as hell. Who knows this might help you concentrate a lot better and ace your tests!

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