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CET – Your final shot at getting an MBA

Exam season is almost at an end and you have gone through various exams such as CAT, SNAP and XAT. Results weren’t in your favour ? don’t worry here is Maharashtra CET, the gateway for the best colleges in Maharashtra.

With CET just a month away we wanted to share a few study tips coming straight from our experts who have been there done that.

TIP #1: Focus:

Before you start to pick up those huge books and start to scribble just wait there. First things first, set the environment where you study. Today we live in the world with numerous distractions and our addiction towards smartphones and those apps are great time killers. So just shut it. Remain focussed and start with a goal in mind “to get into a top B-school”.

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TIP #2 Basics:

Get through the basics quickly, remember the difficulty level of the questions is very low in CET so get through the syllabus. You have been doing it for a year or so now, so this should not take time. The syllabus is very basic with most of the concepts taken from the 10th grade.

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TIP #3 Study with a pal:

Studying together with someone who is going to take CET is quite helpful. You can discuss your doubts, challenge each other and work together to achieve the common goal. If you haven’t found one yet, you’ll surely find one at Studypal.co

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TIP #4 Speed and Mocks:

CET is a time based exam. You need to work hard to improve your speed of solving and calculating. You may gain it by doing speed drills, just set the time and always better it. Vedic maths may also help. You should be able to solve a question in about 30-35 seconds. We recommend you to at least take 20 mock exams so that you get the timing right. If you haven’t started on your mocks yet just log on to oliveboard.com and start taking mock exams.

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Final Tip:

Remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision and eat healthy.

Good luck!




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