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Interviews play a very important role in the selection process of all management B-Schools. Many students feel that the interviewers are free to ask questions from any area and hence luck plays a very important role in final selection (which is not true), due to which their preparation for interview sometimes becomes burdensome and lacks excitement and enjoyment. Some of them may neglect the importance of preparation due to this.

One of the best ways to prepare is to make a list of probable questions and answer them one by one. Some of the questions frequently asked in the interview are as follows:

1. Tell us something about yourself.

2. Goals in life.

3. Strengths & Weaknesses.

4. Why MBA?

5. Why this B-School?

Many students while answering the question “Tell us something about yourself” do not give brief introductions and end it abruptly. This is an important question and a person must answer it systematically without mugging up the answer. A student can start an introduction with his/her academic background or present job profile (if working) followed by what kind of individual that student is i.e. strengths and goals of his/her life. If any achievements are there that should be included then hobbies and interest and in short family background at the end. For questions related to goals, strengths and weaknesses a good introspection is required by the candidate. Questions like “Why MBA?” should be answered keeping your goals and strengths in mind. Many students (Fresher’s or Candidate with work experience) do say that they want to become a good manager, CEO of an organization or want to start their own business that’s why they want to do MBA. This may not satisfy the interviewers and hence one need to rethink about it. If a candidate is a fresher then they can talk about things like before entering corporate world an MBA will give them good knowledge about how the organization works. It will also help them to understand different aspects of business like Marketing, Finance, and HR in detail. Overall it will give them the opportunity to get equipped with qualities and knowledge required to do well in their career.

Candidates with work experience already have some knowledge of work culture in an organization. So the answer for “Why MBA?” for them could have points like:

  1. Looking for a greater role to play in an organization or wants to contribute in growth as well as decision making aspects of organization.
  2. To gear up for new challenges an MBA will provide necessary exposure, opportunity to interact best brains from different parts of the world and a broader outlook required to fill in the big shoes in future.

Overall a student should have a good clarity and vision about his/her career and future to get a final selection.


– T.I.M.E Aurangabad

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