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Tips to ace – Certified Information Security Manager (CISM )

With cyber threats and vulnerabilities being discovered almost every day, it is pretty easy to understand the growing need for information security managers. CISM certification demonstrates not only your technical skills but also the ability to understand and communicate business needs – just what organizations are looking for. Clearly being an incredible career option, cracking CISM to get there can be quite a competitive journey.

Here are few tips to get you through:

  1. Learn to think like a manager – While it is essential to have the understanding of all the technical concepts, learn to think like a manager.
  2. Questions, questions, and questions – Start by answering the 50 questions assessment from ISACA or refer to their study materials.
  3. Get a suitable tutor – Spend time with an experienced instructor to get all your doubts cleared and understand strategies.
  4. Join a study community – Discussing questions, study methods and tips among like-minded professionals can come a long way.
  5. Have a study partner – Strategize your study routine with someone on the same boat as you to ensure an easier approach sans stress.
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