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Tips to Improve Quantitative Ability Scores for CAT 2018 – Byju’s.com

CAT is a computer-based test and is conducted by the IIMs every year on a rotational basis. As the CAT is a prerequisite for admissions in the IIMs and other prestigious institutes, it is taken by lakhs of candidates every year from all over the country.

Quantitative Aptitude segment in CAT is a standout amongst the most difficult yet an intriguing region. Numerous candidates confront issues while preparing this section. So, to help the aspirants prepare this section more effectively, here are some of the important strategies.

Before getting into the strategies, it is important to know the CAT 2018 syllabus. The main topics of quantitative section include

  1.   Numbers
  2.   Arithmetic
  3.   Geometry
  4.   Algebra
  5.   Modern Math

For an effective quantitative preparation, one has to follow the below-mentioned phases properly.

  • Applied Clarity
  • Application
  • Practice

Applied Clarity:

One needs to cover every concept in all the topics. By having a proper foundation of the topics, solving and comprehending the numerical questions become easy and quick.

It is a period taking procedure and ought to be done calmly and efficiently. It is suggested to avoid skipping topics and have a thorough understanding of all the related concepts.


QA isn’t simply arithmetic, it is a connected science. How well one has comprehended the ideas will decide how well he/ she can apply them. Get acquainted with various standard concepts from every topic to see how the concepts and hypotheses or equations are connected. Consider some standard CAT preparation books and learn the concepts. During this time, it is also suggested to analyze the strong and weak topics and work on them.


Practice is probably the most important entity for an efficient CAT quantitative aptitude preparation. Solve a wide range of question types to be able to tackle the actual CAT questions easily. Also, solve sample papers and previous year papers to know the detailed questions’ pattern and difficulty.

Apart from the practice papers, take several CAT mock tests and analyze the preparation level properly. Also, self-analysis and mock tests help to get completely acquainted with the actual CAT exam scenario and thus, candidates can easily develop personalized test-taking strategies.

With these tips, CAT aspirants can have a proper preparation and increase their chances of scoring more in the exam. CAT is an extremely important and competitive exam and hence, it requires honest dedication and proper preparation to ace the exam.

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