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Group study to ace JEE exam: Tips from an IITian

“Group Study helped me ace IIT-JEE in the very first attempt”-

Says an ex-IIT Kanpur student, cracking JEE exam along with his friends. The combined effort resulted in a very fruitful way. He obtained a great All India Rank, around 5 lakh students wrote the exam. It was his very first attempt for the IIT JEE exam back in 2011. Gorank Dudeja got admitted in IIT Kanpur and then graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Scientific Computing, with a minor in Management.

As a student of the Department of Mathematics at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Gorank Dudeja writes why group study has been a boon to him while preparing for his IIT entrance which is the very basic principle of Studypal.co. He wants all the students attempting to crack JEE to understand that two heads are always better than one.

“Hi, friends! I am Gorank Dudeja. This is my own personal experience that I am sharing with you all. IIT-JEE is perhaps one of the toughest exams in our country, and even around the globe. Hence, naturally, the preparation for the examination had to start early, and for me, it was as early as the standard 9th (four years before the actual exam). I systematically began my study preparation in 9th standard itself.


Early years of preparation were a disaster. There was no one to encourage me or guide me or clear my doubts. My teachers didn’t understand the level at which I was solving problems. My friends were so confused about their goals. At times I struggled to be on track with them as well as my studies. I tried to solve questions from books like Concepts of Physics by HC Verma and General Physics problems by Irodov, but some of those questions used concepts that weren’t familiar to me at that time and with no one to consult or discuss with, most of my efforts went in vain. I was trying hard, but being alone in my endeavor had started to discourage and frustrate me.

After completing my 10th standard board examinations, the decision to switch schools was a spectacular turning point for me. With new people around, I finally found a few friends who were determined and willing to crack the same goal. The determination and dedication we had were remarkable.


We were a gang of four friends – I, Rahul, Shoaib, and Neha. We had formed a study group to meet our study goals. Rahul was quite proficient in Biology which was a sore subject for the rest of us because JEE doesn’t have biology. So, he used to basically teach us Biology. I used to tutor them in Mathematics. Everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses and we worked together to share those. This is the most important point! The teaching process helped me to have a revision of the subject and register the concepts in my brain clearly. The discussions we held helped us to ease our doubts and solving answers with a competition definitely increased our speed.

I would definitely recommend all of you to form your own study groups as well, so that those goals become easier for you all to achieve. ”

In short, this story is to encourage those students who are preparing for JEE to improve their performance through focused group studies.
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