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How to be a certified RPA professional?

We have an infinite number of RPA tools already in a whirlpool that can confuse us tremendously. Trending in the market are Uipath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, VisualCron, Pega Platform, and many more. In the market of employment opportunity as companies are adopting Uipath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism as RPA tools, as of now top three in this field. There is no hard and fast rule to get certified only in the above three rather you can opt according to your personal choice which plummets your profession.

1. Uipath Certified Professional:


This delivers two certifications:

I. Associate level:

Counted as the initial step in your RPA path.It trains an individual to develop problem-solving skills and create real-life projects using Uipath software. This is also called the general track for RPA beginners. Hence, for experienced ones this level is optional as a challenge.

II. Advanced level:

Named as the pro-level in your journey to perfect you in developing complex and critical RPA solutions. It is expected that the candidate appearing for this exam must have 6+ months of practical experience which will enable them to work independently.

In short, select the prescribed examination after reading the exam description carefully. Learn the recommended curriculum and practice the test before the final one. Attempt the proctored exam, on passing receive the certificate and badge.There are free certifications online but the exam cost for associatelevelis $150/90 minutes and the advanced level is $200/120 minutes.

2. Automation Anywhere:


There are three main certifications for this particular tool:
I. Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA professional
II. Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA professional
III. Automation Anywhere Certified RPA trainer

The first two certifications are for experienced professionals to test their knowledge of the product. Detailed analysis of its features, functions, and projects in practical ambiance is examined through this certification.

Furthermore, Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA professional has two certifications:

a) Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (V10.0)

b) Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (V11.0)

Inthe final certification,the trainers will be eligible to deliver the Automation Anywhere’s RPA product training within their organizations and will become part of a select group of AA Certified RPA Trainer.

3. Blue Prism:


Following are the certifications available:
I. Developer
II. Installation Engineer
III. Professional Developer
IV. ROM Architect
V. Solution Designer
VI. Technical Architect

The Certification Program provides visibility of the breadth and depth of our Partners’ capabilities as well as enabling them to differentiate based on their Blue Prism proposition. The certification ensures in delivering quality work using certified Blue Prism professionals.

This is a general track for beginners in this field. This will give you a strong vision about the certification you need to focus on and strive to excel in your career.

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