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How RPA can completely change your career in 2020

Is RPA the next career breakthrough?

RPA (Robotic process automation) is simple and powerful automation software that helps you to create your own software bots to automate the work process. RPA is designed to automate the corporate so that the work becomes more and more efficient. It is basically designed to help with office works that require command in order to function with no or least errors.

• AI vs RPA

Artificial Intelligence and RPA are a lot different things and we must not get confused among them, because for people with basic idea of technology the term “robots” is usually misinterpreted as something related to AI wherein RPA is more of a software based system while AI is more into logarithms, coding and much more technical engagements.


• Benefits of RPA

The benefits are quantifiable and impact multiple areas such as, error reduction, increased compliance and audit saving.
RPA unlocks even greater returns on investment by facilitating digital transformation, enabling revenue opportunities, and freeing resources to focus on process improvements and value added work.
Benefits of RPA are for every industry and business and works for the entirety.


• Quick byte into RPA:

There are a lot of certification courses available online for RPA which are must for the emancipating minds out there, reason being there is a demand for this technology right now and the best part about this is it does not need expertise into the specific field, any person who wants to start with it is on board be it someone who is switching paths or shifting the career or maybe restarting it, it’s all easy when it comes to RPA all that one needs is to learn and not even brainstorm, so it is kind of win win for the person practicing it and getting this course done right. It is highly recommendable these days since people are switching over from AI to RPA since it is a lot cost efficient.


Is No code RPA the next No code Success?

Unlike other assisting applications or software considered it does not need coding when looked into hence we can say it is not only time saving but also user friendly.
The programming herein at RPA is so basic without codes that they do not need any assistance further or some other recruitments especially for this work, however for some up gradation there are also low code RPA’s available in the market.
People, companies, or businesses prefer to use no Code RPA over it because unlike No Code RPA: Coded RPAs require long trainings, RPA debugging long phases, RPA tools and a lot of complexity however there is no such hassle when it comes to RPA nonCoded there is no such time taking training programs and it is much more easy to maintain and hence we can consider that yes we can definitely grow a lot more and begin anew chapter of success in a more efficient way while saving time and work force.


5 Cool Personal Projects for an RPA beginner

In general, we know that many business companies are using RPA in the fast paced scenario to reduce risks and errors and to increase customer satisfaction. In the past there was a load of manual tasks which was error prone but with the introduction of RPA based projects the tables have turned. ‘In a couple of years most of the companies will be fully automated’ says Delloite. Not just mass companies but RPA can also be used for our personal uses. Here are 5 cool personal projects you can start with using RPA:
• Get the best deal: We get so confused buying a vehicle or booking a hotel for a vacation and so on. The internet is filled with bulky information and it is indeed a time consuming activity. But not anymore, RPA technology can find the best deal by pulling data from n number of websites. RPA makes it happen by creating a database from the websites and gives the best deal by comparison.
• Regular briefings on tasks: We are human beings and tend to forget important stuff all the time. Hence, RPA technology can be used to brief oneself every morning on a daily basis about the tasks up on calendar. This is very useful to remember your important day to day tasks.
• Have a cool receptionist at your doorstep: This is a very innovative idea to use, RPA as a receptionist for welcoming guests to your home or workplace maybe. It’s unique and also it can make you avoid this repetitive task of the day of attending guests always, rather let technology do that for you in a more efficient way.
• Invite everyone without a fuss: Having a party is great but managing it from start is tedious. Imagine forgetting to invite your boss, oh well! That’s not nice. Hence, one can use RPA to categorize information of the guests and email them for your comfort. They will also receive an automated mail as a reminder for which you don’t have to worry about. RPA saves your time from replying to all of them manually.

Status of RPA in Post Covid World

Let’s check the relevancy of this technology in the post Covid world. This global crisis has elevated the standards of all businesses, hence adopting automation. The companies which were working on manual tasks have now occupied RPA projects to cut down the cost due to the economic crisis experienced now. This technology has improvised many businesses to work under critical circumstances. The best example would be hospitals to ensure the service given to the patients. Be it organizing an appointment, collecting personal information including insurance data, RPA has been a tremendous impact on the medical sector. This can ensure the focus of the nurses and doctors for more essential activities. This pandemic is an eyeopener for the betterment of all sectors of economy.
Hospitals, hotels, companies, supermarkets are in bound to save their business, customers with the help of this technology. The shortage of many employees in many areas can be replaced with RPA as it equates to the amount of work done by approximately 5-10 employees. They avoid the risk of errors and hence unnecessary repetitive tasks are also avoided. A survey pointed out that 70% of the firms have digitalized their workforce by half. After this pandemic, when we see the world normal it is easy to believe this technology and rely on it as it is going to produce more long term benefits. Benefits which are as huge as 100 percent increment in the salary with just an experience of about two years or so in the same field.
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