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How RPA certifications can increase your salary by 100 percent!!

Who is an RPA developer?

An RPA developer is a person who works in field of automation and is certified personnel in the field of Robotic Process Automation. A person into this maybe a developer, a manager or an architect depending upon the segment they work for and output which they give.


Job trends for RPA Developers

There is a huge demand for RPA developers these days since people or the organizations are basically switching to automation these days so that they can work with precision and in less time.
The vacancies for RPA developers vary from 512 in UK,3439 in India to 5520 IN USA.

Salary trends for RPA Developers
The pay slips vary from person to person in this field and that difference is marked by taking certain parameters into account which are as follows:

• Positions-Based

The position hierarchy is as follows:
 Developer,
 Junior developer,
 Business process analyst,
 Senior developer and
 Lead developer.
(Data source:indeed.com)
United States
Positions Salary
Developer $97,631/yr
Junior Developer $61,024/yr
Business Process Analyst $73,380/yr
Senior Developer $108,325/yr
Lead Developer $130,447/yr

Positions Salary
Developer ₹10,80,600 +/yr
Junior Developer ₹9,01,300 +/yr
Business Process Analyst ₹7,31,700+/yr
Senior Developer ₹4,44,400+/yr
Lead Developer ₹5,63,600+/yr

The pay scale is different for various positions and so is the work however the average calculated salary on the basis of position is approximately about $ 420,000.


• Roles-Based

An RPA Developer also has mainly three roles in the industry: Process Designer, Automation Architect, and Production Manager. The work although is related to one another, still one may find differences in the pay pattern , however the average salary herein is about $84,000 USD.
The function of each role is explained as under:
 Process Designer – The Process Designer is responsible for understanding the current process and monitor the changes that happen after implementing the feedback during development or testing phase.
 Automation Architect – An Automation Architect builds the RPA project using the RPA tooling to solve real-world problems.
 Production Manager – Once the project is rolled into the production, the Production Manager ensures that the processes are being triggered and all the exceptions are handled.
On the basis of these roles the tentative salaries for the PROCESS DESIGNERS in India is – Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs p.a. for freshers and Rs 9 lakhs to Rs15 lakhs p.a. for those who hold an experience of minimum 2-6 years, while in America there is no such demarcation and hence the average pay to the DESIGNERS is around $84,000 to $ 132,000 per year.
The pay for AUTOMATION ARCHITECT however in India is Rs 10,00,000 p.a. for freshers while 19,55,000 p.a. for the personnel with experience. On the othe hand in USA the average salary ranges from 128,000 p.a. to 170,000 p.a.
The PRODUCTION MANAGER however in India can expect Rs 7,01,000p.a. if they are new to the field and Rs 18,00,000 p.a. if they hold a senior position because of the experience. The stipend in States ranges from $68,000 to $ 125,000 per year.


• Company-Based

Start-ups or hyper-growth enterprises, all kinds of businesses are willing to spend a good amount on RPA Developers, and since from the baby corn project to the MNCs all are adapting to it the salaries likewise differ on the revenue the company generates.
Below is the table that shows the salary different company offers to its people:
(Source : edureka.co)
Company Salary Per Annum
UiPath $71,047
Accenture $97,631
Zymergen $50,290
Automation Anywhere $57,182
Ernst and Young $97,631


• Geographically

The automation industry is currently at its peak in countries like USA, UK and India and therefore the pay scale is much rich here as compared to the countries where the automation industry does not have much job opportunities and therefore we can say that the salaries are even geographical location dependent.
Refer to the table attached to know the difference in salary pattern geographically:
(Source: edureka.co)
Location Salary
United States $97,631
India ₹11,0000
United Kingdom £52,500

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