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Social studying in New York
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Social Studying in New York

We often make studying for the CFA unnecessarily hard and lonesome. Let’s take the CFA for example. There are many ways to change that.

For starters, get out of the house

Lets start with Coffee Shops. New York has plenty of coffee options. Birch coffee-Located in the Gaudi-esque Gershwin Hotel. Seating by the counters are often occupied, however walk into the Gershwin lobby and up some dark stairs you would spot their library, tucked in a small loft. Finish an hour of questions on that Schweser guide, followed with ten minutes of people watching on a Sunday afternoon and the study experience for the CFA does not seem that much of a chore any longer.

Housing work bookstore café offers a new experience and feel to study. You could spend days in the bookstore studying and discussing with your studypal with breaks for caffeine, baked goods and savories. This bookstore even has an upper level with smaller tables to hide from the crowd so that you can make an escape into serenity.

D’Espresso would make you feel as if the world had turned sideways, with its crazy interiors. With floors and ceilings appearing to be lined with books, you can get an additional motivation for studying.

Then, there are the libraries. For starters, the New York library with 53 million items and many branches it is a great place to be surrounded by motivated people. With other public libraries such as the Adams free Library, Afton free library offer free internet access as well  as a crèche for learners with children.

So in summary, find your ideal study spot outside the house, find your ideal study buddy and you will enjoy studying for the CFA.

Enjoying the studying  experience and  motivation will bring better results and focus

Don’t just study hard, study smart!

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