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Study spots around HOBOKEN you cannot miss

Test prep for exams is no easy task, and when you are an outdoorsy soul who hates being locked up in the solitary confinement of your room; it is gets more difficult. Finding a nice place outside that helps you get your fix of human interaction while being quiet enough to get some work done is extremely important. 

Finding the perfect study spot around you can be a challenge in its own right, and it takes a lot of time to locate those perfect spots that meet the balance between an outdoorsy spot to get fresh air and a quiet place to get some work done. Locating those perfect spots are never easy and that is why Studypal.co brings to you a list of spots around Hoboken New Jersey to check out. Quaint and one of their kind, this list reveals popular study spots that will be the perfect fit for a day out to get your work done: 

  1. Hoboken Public Library 


A charming building with the best resources to settle down for hours to study, the Hoboken Public Library can be an oasis away from the humdrum of busy life. There are study cubes for the ones who need their own space to get work done. The three-floor facility has plenty of seating space, so if you are expecting a quiet time with your study material, this is the place to be. 

  1. Bluestone Lane 


A local neighborhood café with a food menu to envy—it is the perfect millennial hipster spot to hang out with your books. If you are a food lover who likes having things to munch upon and spend an hour or two surrounded by friendly faces and great food, the Bluestone Lane is the perfect fit for you.  

  1. Choc O Pain 

coffee with laptop

A quaint, earthy place, you can spot many people seated here through morning working on their laptops. Given that you need a silent place to study, this is in fact a fun place to sit yourself down and spend some time in company of freshly made pastries and delicious coffee. What more, if you have study partners over, this could be a great place to do the studying and prep together too! 

  1. Jefferson’s Coffee 

coffee with laptop2

Be it a rushed hour of prep squeezed before the day sets in, or a long sit-down study session— Jefferson’s Coffee is a great place to be in Hoboken. They also have free WiFi, that gets an additional thumbs up and there is a non- dairy menu for the customers. Additionally, the place is big on student discounts and you can check it up with them to see if you are eligible.  

  1. Hudson Coffee 

coffee with laptop3

If you want a quiet and serene place to be— Hudson Coffee is a good bet. A perfect study spot for the people who have a lot on their hands—the simplicity of the café will win you over. Order a cup of brewed coffee and settle down with all the pending study prep in one of the most loved study spots of Hoboken. 


So now the list is up, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of exploration to be done and sometimes change of a study spot can do wonders. Pack your books now and get going. A new place can bring round a vibe that can be inspiring as hell. Who knows this might help you concentrate a lot better and ace your tests!  

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