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Discovering study spots in Princeton

Studying all by yourself is an uphill task in itself and when you have tests to prep for; the whole struggle takes itself to an entirely new level. And of all things, the biggest problem remains of that of finding yourself a good place to study, especially if you’re not one of those lucky ones with the privacy of a solitary room.  

It takes years of scouting and going around a town to find the perfect study spot that is both comfortable for spending time. Studypal.co brings to you a list of study spots in Princeton, New Jersey—ranging from libraries to coffee shops to just the good old outdoor locations that could be your next hangout spot. Read on to discover more: 

  1. Princeton Public Library 


Undoubtedly, a library is the best place to hang out and study—and the Princeton Public Library is a spacious location with a grand selection of books, making it a perfect spot to sit and spend time on exam prep. If you are one for a quiet time and have kids on hand to take care of, you can drop them off for the baby story time program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which is followed by a playtime. From free WiFi to a downstairs café, there is everything at hand to tuck yourself inside a book. There is also a tech center with mac books to get work done, even if leave your laptop back home. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

  1. Grover’s Mill Coffee and Tea House 


A genuinely warm and cozy coffee and breakfast place, their food is one to die for.  The place is fantastic for bringing a laptop and getting work done, or meeting your study group over for a cup of coffee. The staff is warm and amicable and if you one who loves their food outdoors, there is open seating outside for the visitors. The place is a perfect hangout spot if you want to sit around and get some study prep down all by yourself, sipping on coffee. 

  1. Plainsboro Public Library 


A home to many test prep enthusiasts, this library is quaint and simple—yet with a heart of gold. With a collection of books that draws envy to a quiet, serene setup, the Plainsboro Public Library has friendly staff to help you out. Even when you forget your laptop home, you can always use the PCs set up here to get some research work done. The plus point is the ambience in this three-floor library set up—that makes it a perfect spot to sit down and concentrate on studying for your upcoming tests. 

  1. Small World Coffee 


A cutesy coffee place to get your work done—this could be your favorite study spot if you are one for munching on food while studying.  The menu is extensive and fun and the outdoor seating is just perfect for studying outside when the weather is nice.  One downside is that the place gets crowded due to high demand so make sure to carry a pair of headphones if you are planning to sit in for long hours. What more, the café also has unique dedicated work tables for the busy bees and you can actually spend time there trying to finish up that pending chapter you have been taking forever to cover. 

  1. Jammin’ Crepes 


 Crepes and studying goes hand in hand, isn’t it? Gorge on comfort food as you settle in this café at Princeton for getting your study prep sorted. From good food to a nice, cozy atmosphere conducive to studying—Jammin’ Crepes could be one of your favorite study spots. The store also has free WiFi, making it ideal for research and studying if you are in mood for spending some study time outdoors. 


So now the list is up, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of exploration to be done and sometimes change of a study spot can do wonders. Pack your books now and get going. A new place can bring round a vibe that can be inspiring as hell. Who knows this might help you concentrate a lot better and ace your tests! 

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