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5 things to do to make the best of GRE breaks

Believe it or not, utilizing your breaks properly while you take the GRE tests can make or break your chances at getting the dream score you are aiming for, and as small as the breaks are, it is always advisable to make the best use of them. GRE tests offers one shirt 1-minute break after the essay writing section followed by a 10-minute long gap for you to unwind after two more sections. 

Studypal.co brings to you a list of 5 things you can do to enhance your performance in GRE by properly utilizing the breaks for optimum results: 

  1. Take a coffee break 

The first one-minute break can be the perfect time for a quick coffee sip for the caffeine induced jumpstart after the writing section. Use it wisely to sip on a strong cup, preferably an espresso shot and wash it down quickly with a bite of a power bar. This will help you stay charged for the next two sessions, roughly for the next hour or so. 1

  1. Move around 

The 10-minute break is the best time to stretch a little. It is natural to be a little exhausted after more than two hours in front of a computer seat, it is smart to walk around a little during the break. Stretch out with a little free hand movement to relax yourself and stand up on your feet. 2

  1. Go for a bathroom break 

Planning your bathroom break is important and make sure to go visit the restroom once during the 10-min break. Make sure that the fluid intake is continuous yet controlled because the 10-min break is the only time you will have to visit the loo.1

  1. Practice breathing exercises 

 Maintaining your calm and the state of mind for writing the exams is very important. Take the break time to relax your brain and practice a few breathing exercises during the break. This will help you be in the right frame of mind for the next phase of the exams.5

  1. Refrain from talking to others 

 Some of the candidates by nature are very nervous, and that isn’t the kind of energy you want to rub off you. Refrain from interacting with others to discuss the exams and instead focus on your approach instead. Preferably, use the break time for planning ahead for the next papers. 6

Now that the list is up, you are sure to make the best use of the test breaks for GRE. Also, boost your study prep with the help of a study partner—Find a study partner to ace GRE with at studypal.co today! 

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