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Holidays: The holy grail of study prep!!

Conventionally, the holidays are the time you spend with family, gathering around the table for that extravagant yearly meal and celebrations. But what if we tell you that this is the exact time when you can actually focus on your exam prep? 

Don’t be surprised, because we are here to tell you something no one else will. With your family around, the holidays are the best time to set aside every worry and instead focus on your goal of scoring high at the test you are planning to take. 

As you unwind this holiday season, sit back, clear your mind and find that perfect plan that works for you. If you are a working professional, it goes without saying that you are free from the endless cycle of deadlines and commute— making the holidays an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Studypal.co brings to you a list of targets that you can achieve this holiday season—why not put it in some good use as you sip on your cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace? Read on:  

  1. Talk to your family for support 

Test prep is a huge task in itself and without support and encouragement, you are not going to go far. Keep that in mind and sit with your family and discuss the possible ways that they can support you with the test prep round the year. Even if you stay away, having an emotional support system can be a great value addition, especially when you are low on motivation and energy. 


  1. Plan ahead for next year 

Set monthly study goals, plan around leaves and off days and take the time to chalk out a day to day plan possible. We all end up making several resolutions for the year ahead, and why not make them about prep goals instead? If fact, you can also devise a reward system that will help you keep going for the same. For example, for each monthly target you fulfill, you can treat yourself to a grand cheat meal of desserts; or treat yourself to a spa—whatever be—just plan ahead so that you can keep going. 


  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses 

When you have all the time in the world, use it to focus on identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are. Take out the syllabus, and skim through it meticulously, marking your weak areas in red. You can even take a mock test to figure out the areas you need to work upon in the year to come. 


  1.  Evaluate your study style 

 Do you study from the right study materials? Is the syllabus too large and focus should be on only a part of it? Is your study spot helping you with the right environment to study? Evaluate everything and restructure your study routine if the need be this holiday season. With a lot of time to spare, you can actually cut short on all that hurry and instead take time to analyze your position for the upcoming tests. 


  1.  Find a study buddy 

 The perfect study buddy is a search away at Studypal.co, but you need time and patience to choose the best one for yourself. Log on to the website with a large repository of study partners, filter them using location and test goals; before interacting with them. With time at hand, you can also meet a few people before you settle down for the perfect study pal for your test prep! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? 

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