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The One Big Secret to a High Score!!

Preparing for the big exams take a lot of effort. Many of you might be in a fix to discover the perfect study schedule or the right books to read, but take it from us, doing it all alone is not the smart way to go. Sticking to a hectic study schedule needs a lot of grit and determination, and if you are juggling jobs and family responsibilities, it becomes a lot more tough.

So, what is the easy way out?

Well, find a study partner now!

Having another person who is working towards the same goal is a great help, and they could be the ones to pull you out of the slump if you are in one. Combine the power of two—and no exam, be it CFA, MCAT or CPA— will be a hard nut to crack.


Here’s why you need a study partner for your prep plan today:

Solve all your problems

Have a question? Ask your partner. Have a problem that both of you can’t work out? Well two heads will figure it out more easily than one! In short, any challenges, hiccup or problem you find in the study materials that you are planning to finish up for the exam prep, having a study partner makes it easier to go through it. Spending time together trying to solve the problems and clearing doubts could be beneficial to both of you, and together, you can do a whole lot better.


Time Management – Well, time management is crucial to prep for any competitive exam. So, if you are one stickler for time management, having study partner can surely come handy. Distribute the targets amongst yourselves and approach them together, to finish your course twice as fast you predicted. Make sure that your study partner has a similar learning curve so that both of you are in sync and help each other out.


Motivation –  Spending hours dedicatedly and with full concentration on studying for the upcoming tests can be draining both for your body and mind. What you need is a constant push, and your study partner could be perfect for it. Expect them to push you ahead when you are low on energy and you can motivate them when they start to stagger. Prep for tests as a marathon, and it is always great to have someone on your team to cheer you on.


Sticking to schedule –  Learning and revision takes up a lot of time during study prep, so it is very important to stick to a schedule. Having a study partner will facilitate the process, and will make it easier for you to make a schedule for studying and sticking to it.


So, what are you waiting for? Login to studypal.co today and find yourself the perfect fit for a study partner near you!

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